Biotech 2014 - Life Sciences - Transforming Healthcare

Burrill’s 28th annual report is an invaluable, one-stop resource for making sense of today’s changing life sciences landscape. 

Biotechnology is transforming healthcare, but the demands on healthcare systems today are also transforming how life sciences companies need to think about product development, financing, partnerships, and reimbursement.  Biotech 2014 – Life Sciences: Transforming Healthcare: 

  • Provides an analysis of the global changes underway in healthcare today
  • Examines the change from fee-for-service to outcomes-based payments and what that means for patients, providers, payers, and drugmakers
  • Tracks the convergence of wireless, mobile, and Internet technologies transforming the way healthcare is accessed and delivered
  • Looks at how the use of Big Data is transforming all aspects of the healthcare continuum
  • Explains why payers have specialty pharmaceuticals in their crosshairs and what the rising bar for reimbursement means for drugmakers
  • Analyzes how pharmaceutical companies are retooling their R&D strategies to accelerate drug development and cut costs
  • Provides an analysis of the life sciences industry with data, graphs, and industry highlights including new product approvals, advances in technology, and details of financing and M&A transactions and trends

The full edition of Biotech 2014 - Life Sciences: Transforming Healthcare may be purchased as a paperback or PDF.