Ipad and Smartphone: - Pharma & the Super Mobile Revolution

Published: November 2011 | 29 pgs  

In the race to dominate business, which mobile technology is winning? According to current trends in usage, the answer is: all of them. While competitors of the iPad tablet and Apple technology rise and fall, research indicates that physicians—and therefore the pharmaceutical industry—are increasingly using multiple devices to stay on top of workflow and improve business operations.  

The resulting 'super mobile' revolution in which technology advances at a galloping pace has increasing physician mobility and pharmaceutical sales reps "running alongside to connect". In developing a strategy to maximize technology's benefits, the industry must not only keep abreast with smart technology's evolution and user trends, but how devices are changing how messages are delivered.  

Report Overview: 

iPad and Smartphone: Pharma and the Super Mobile Revolution examines the rapid changes in mobile and tablet technology usage and development. The report, based on expert interviews and up-to-the-minute research, offers timely insight into how multiple mobile technologies are being adopted by physicians and the pharmaceutical industry and how that trend is affecting communications and sales. In addition, the report tracks how the industry is addressing training, security, consumerization of IT within organizations and advances such as HTML5 and apps.  

Key Features: 

The business case for multiple device use by pharma to keep up with physicians
Examination of the major tablets, smartphones and competitors
Discussion of purchasing and leasing behaviors by major companies
Analysis of security issues surrounding private device use
Discussion of the key issues surrounding Flash, HTML5, app trends and new skills
Forward-looking analysis of the future of smart technology

Key Benefits: 

Expert insight from pharma marketers, agencies and physicians on the impact of mobile technology on communications, client relations and workflow
Practical tactics for adopting a 'super mobile' approach and addressing security, leasing and training
Key insights into future trends in mobile strategies, search, social apps and the consumerization of IT

Key Questions Asked: 

Which technology will dominate in the future?
How can pharma keep up with new iterations of technology?
What skills and training are required for the effective use of technology?
How is content changing along with technology?
What are the cross-generational issues surrounding super mobile strategies?
How will the use of personal devices affect the commercialization of IT in organizations?

Who Should Read This Report: 

Heads of strategy, marketing and sales
International directors
Division managers
Brand managers
Communications and technology support teams
Customer experience directors
e-capabilities team leads

Expert Views: 

Matt Barry, Assistant Director, edge CLP Operations, Astellas Pharma
R.A. Bavasso, President, Exploria SPS
Alex Butler, Founder and Owner, The Social Moon
Nick Dawson, Administrative Director Community Engagement, Bon Secours Health System
Craig DeLarge, Director, Professional Relationship Marketing, Novo Nordisk
Shwen Gwee, VP of Digital Health, Edelman
Dr. Bertalan Mesko, Founder and Managing Director of Webicina.com
Erin Monda, Social Media Manager, Vernon Computer Source
Benjamin Post, Product Manager, Agnitio
David Windhausen, Senior Vice President of Development Services, Intouch Solutions

Key quotes: 

"The tablet in itself is just a piece of technology. It's often very easy for product managers and marketers to want the newest and latest, fancy piece of equipment. But the biggest problem that you get is ad hoc, tactical use of technology without any change to the way that pharmaceutical companies market and communicate about their business."
–Alex Butler, Founder and Owner, The Social Moon 

"In the fast-paced world of sales where time is of the essence, our reps need a device that enables them to quickly get to relevant information they need to present to their customer. The allure of the digital platform is the ability to provide engaging, customized content for each customer - the right information to the right customer at the right time."
– Matt Barry, Assistant Director, edge CLP Operations, Astellas Pharma. 

"You've got people who already have two, in some extreme cases, three devices. We've got a pretty substantial technology investment as an organization. Should people get a third or fourth device? That is a question we're still answering."
–Nick Dawson, Administrative Director Community Engagement, Bon Secours Health System


Executive summary
Apple launches the post-PC era
The Super Mobile revolution, multiple devices
> No boot-up time

Apple and iOS dominate 
> Pharma follows physicians' interests in devices
> Samsung Galaxy leads Android tablets
> Dr. Mesko's overview of the Samsung Galaxy Tab in medicine

Keeping up with technological change 
> Purchasing behavior
> Leasing options

Personal and professional lines are blurring 
> Security

The device is not the message
Beyond content, "contact" is king
> It's not the information, but the people that matter"
> Physician to patient activity

Flash and HTML5
App trends
> Overhauling "search" for tablets

The future of communication requires new skill sets 
> Digital detailing and cross-generations
> "Be open to change"
> Relationship-building
> iPad training

What's next