Leveraging the iPad to Optimise MSL Impact -

Published: October 2012 | Pages: 66

Although 80 percent of pharma companies have already deployed iPads to their sales reps, many other companies have overlooked the new opportunities for iPad use by medical science liaisons (MSLs) in the field. 


Some major pharma companies have already deployed iPads to their MSLs. Yet concerns about the potential challenges involved in using this mobile device for MSLs are still preventing many pharma companies from taking the first step into this new technology area. 


Report Overview 


This FirstWord Dossier report: Leveraging the iPad to Optimise MSL Impact fills in the gaps by providing you with expert opinions into the real concerns, considerations and opportunities for entering this market. The report includes primary business cases and results of pharma companies (Bayer, Shire and a leading pharma and Fortune 500 company) that are already using iPads for their MSLs in the field. 


The report includes step-by-step guidance about the best ways to internally assess, introduce, deploy and manage iPads for your specific corporate needs. It also reviews the best ways to coordinate and train MSLs to effectively use iPads. 


Key Report Features 

Detailed business cases of iPad MSL use (Bayer, Shire, a leading pharma and Fortune 500 company) 

Exclusive KOL views, benefits and challenges for MSL use 

Expert guidance on deploying and training MSL use of iPads 

Step-by-step advice on bringing iPads into the corporate fold 

Advice on aligning iPads for MSL use across each company 

Essential differences between iPad content for sales reps vs MSLs 

Ways to assess where a company stands with iPad on the MSL maturity matrix 

Detailed review of regulatory, technical and internal challenges 

Advice on managing iPad compliance, content, data and security 


Key Benefits  

Receive expert guidance on iPad introduction and training for MSLs 

Review actual business cases of recent iPad deployment to MSLs 

Assess whether iPads are suitable for your company’s current situation 

Recognise the best ways to introduce iPads to your MSLs 

Identify the main challenges for iPad MSL deployment 

Standardise the iPad device to your company’s security and content needs 

Understand the need to coordinate MSL training with iPad deployment 

Capitalise future opportunities for iPad use in Pharma marketing 


Who Would Benefit From This Report? 

This report will be of value to pharma directors and managers with responsibilities in the following areas: 

Medical affairs 

Medical science liaisons (MSLs) 

Market access 

Regulatory affairs 

Marketing management 

Business development 

Brand marketing 

Key Opinion Leader liaison 

Corporate communications 


Key Quotes  

“You have to explain in training what the device is doing that is complementary to MSLs’ day-to-day job. If it is going to make their life more complicated, they are not going to use it.” Robin Winter-Sperry, Scientific Advantage LLC 


“IT departments in a lot of the countries are still not familiar with how to set [iPads] up, how to get them going. So in an ideal scenario should be worked out before MSLs get their iPads.” Jorge Ortiz, MSL E, Bayer 


“MSLs are field-based, and their day-to-day activities look a lot like sales reps, but the nature of discussion is purely scientific. The iPad content must reflect that.” Otavio Freire, OpenQ 


“Make sure your company has [iPad] security compliance in place and that you build the security walls so that people have only access to the content that is supposed to be available to them.” Cameron Tew, Best Practices LLC 


“The soft skills and the training for how to use this technology; how to build the confidence of the users are just as critical as actually doing the work to put in place a particular application.” Andrew MacGregor, Bayer Healthcare 


Reviewers’ Verdicts On This Report 


A senior director of MSLs from a large pharma company:  


“Very strong report with real-life experiential and useful information for a wide range of current situations. The document’s organisation is very user friendly, could be utilized as a reference and brainstorming guide for a leadership team. The industry and vendor experts are well known and that gives it the credibility the report needs to have the impact on organizational buy in and justification. Was very easy to read and could not put it down... [the report] is very valuable and can save considerable amount of time and energy and avoid restarts.” 


Andrew MacGregor, Bayer:  


“I believe this report will be of value to medical affairs professionals who are responsible for MSLs and are considering the implementation of iPad in order to enhance the MSL-KOL interactions. 

In a clear step-by-step manner, it examines the processes of building the business case for equipping MSLs with iPads, implementation and maintenance of these devices for this field-based medical function. 

Shares key learnings from companies who have either implemented, or are in the process of implementing iPads for their MSLs.”  



Key Questions Answered 

What benefits can iPads actually offer to MSLs in the field? 

How can I find out if iPads would suit my company at this time? 

How can I effectively introduce iPads to the company and MSLs? 

What are the biggest challenges for MSLs in using iPads? 

How can I outfit iPads with proper security, compliance and data? 

What specific iPad training should be provided to MSLs? 

How do I optimise the performance of iPad devices? 

What are the cutting edge opportunities for iPad equipped MSLs in the future? 



Expert Views Include: 

Otavio Freire, Chief Technology Officer, OpenQ 

Nigel Glover, European Medical Education Director, Takeda Pharmaceuticals Europe 

Andrew Lam, Senior MSL, Shire HGS 

Andrew MacGregor, Global MSL Communications, Strategy Lead of Xarelto, Bayer Healthcare 

Jorge Ortiz, Regional Director Global MSL E, Bayer 

Cameron Tew, Executive Director, Research Services and Business Operations, Best Practices LLC 

Robin Winters-Sperry, Founder and President, Scientific Advantage LLC 

Jim Zuffoletti, President, OpenQ 

Senior director of MSLs, a leading pharma and Fortune 500 company 


Leveraging the iPad to optimise MSL impact 

Note to the Reader 

Executive Summary 

Part One: The business case for deploying iPads to MSLs 

> Business case one: Ensuring compliance 

> The update conundrum 

> Controlling the breadth of material 

> Business case two: Better preparation for KOL meetings 

> Improving preparation 

> Learning on the go 

> Business case three: Improved KOL interactions 

> Faster: Expediting exchange 

> Clearer: Clarifying presentations 

> More popular: Better physician response 

> Business case four: Increasing organisational efficiency 

> Closed loop medical exchange 

> The hive mentality 

> Conclusion 

Part Two: Four steps to determine iPad suitability 

> Step one: Is your company meeting a need? 

> Assessing need 

> Step two: Is this culturally a good fit for your organisation? 

> Examine your MSLs 

> Examine your legal and regulatory departments 

> Step three: Is senior management on board? 

> Will senior management support the investment? 

> Step four: How mature is your MSL team? 

> MSL Maturity Matrix 

> Conclusion 

Part Three: Preparing the iPad for rollout 

> Step one: Coordinate the effort across departments 

> Create a formal implementation team 

> Ensure IT-Medical affairs alignment 

> Step two: Acquire field-based feedback 

> iPad shortcomings 

> Collecting feedback 

> Step three: Customise the device 

> The in-house appeal 

> Consider the vendor 

> Create ‘new’ content 

> Advanced content 

> Build an interface that ensures compliance 

> Optimise data entry 

> Step four: Ensure safety and security 

> Conclusion 

Part Four: Introducing iPads to MSLs 

> The meet and greet 

> Sell the iPad 

> Call a meeting 

> Building familiarity and comfort 

> Role Plays 

> Certification 

> Ongoing education 

> The iPad is just a tool 

> Have a cultural IQ 

> Conclusion