Pharmaceutical Brand PR - Developing Engaging Campaigns and Measuring ROI

 The value of PR can seem immeasurable in brand positioning. Yet, in an age of budgetary juggling by marketing departments, the drive to scrutinize ROI is increasingly important. What’s more, as expectations on PR outcomes increase—in part due to social media—its role is broadening. A trend towards using key performance indicators to measure previously difficult-to-define notions of success is emerging.

Report Overview

 In Pharmaceutical Brand PR: Developing Engaging Campaigns and Measuring ROI, FirstWord goes directly to the experts to determine key factors in what makes PR campaigns buzz and how tightened budgets but greater expectations have changed the way PR work is mandated. The report also examines the role of PR versus advertising and how, through social media, PR has become increasingly sophisticated to position brands across multiple channels and audiences. But mostly compelling, it dissects why—and how—ROI can be measured and how such information can deliver more insight than just numbers.

Key features

Examination of strategies for measuring ROI in PR campaigns

PR’s evolution in engaging multiple audiences and working for a brand

Detailed research into what works—and what doesn’t—in PR

The role of social media in PR and ROI measurement

Insight into what other benefits ROI offers

Experts views on the role of PR versus advertising and if the ratio should change

Key Questions Asked

 A full breakdown of the role of PR in the marketing mix

Clear insight into quantifying ROI and developing measurement criteria

Access to expert opinion from key leaders in the industry

Key Questions Asked

 What makes a compelling PR program?

How has the influence of different audiences changed?

Can PR replace advertising?

How can ROI of a PR program be measured?

How does social media impact PR outcomes and strategies?

Who Should Read This Report  

 Brand Directors/Managers

Heads of Communications/PR

Market Access Directors/Managers

Heads of Marketing Excellence

Heads of Marketing and Marketing Communications

PR and Medical Communications Agencies

Medical Communication Consultants

Expert Views 

 Steven Spurr, Group Managing Director, Health, Edelman

Javier Boix, Strategic Communications Manager, Abbott Laboratories

David Berkovitch, Associate Director, Fleishman-Hillard

Sam Barnes, Director, Axon Communications

Claire Spencer, CEO, i-2-i

Key Quotes

   “I define PR as engaging and communicating with the multiple stakeholders involved in the decision process or the environment that you’re trying to influence. A lot of PR is about creating the right environment through which to have those conversations about diseases, brands and products.”
– Sam Barnes, Director, Axon Communications

 “Those who define PR as simply media relations or the output and get PR involved very late in the process are not getting as much out of PR as they should. Today, PR is about defining the right blend of communications across both traditional and online media.”
– Claire Spencer, CEO, i-2-i

 “The incorporation of social media and everything related to digital has changed the PR function and has lead us to broaden our perspective on communication and how things are evolving in the overall society.”
– Javier Boix, Strategic Communications Manager, Abbott Laboratories










Executive summary
 The environment
 What is PR?
 > A definition
 What can PR do for a company or brand?
 > Are brands necessary?
 > What makes a compelling PR campaign?
 > Messaging
 > Audiences
 > Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)
 > National Opinion Leaders (NOLs)
 > Practicing physicians—primary and secondary care
 > Nurses
 > Pharmacists
 > Payers
 > Healthcare commissioners
 > Patients and patient groups
 > The general public
 > The changing influence of audiences
 > Media relations
 > Quality of press releases
 > Engagement - rethinking relationships
 Digital and social media
 The patient voice
 Advocacy development
 The power of PR in the marketing mix
 > PR versus advertising: has PR begun to replace advertising?
 > Expectations of PR
 > Regulatory constraints
 > The PR budget
 Measurement: how can ROI for a PR campaign be measured?
 > The importance of identifying appropriate measurement criteria
 > How does the explosion of social media complicate the measurement of ROI?
 > Quantifying ROI
 > Measuring ROI can do more than just demonstrate the monetary value of PR
 The future landscape



 Publication Date:
September 2011

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