Value-driven Pharma: Integrating health outcomes across the product lifecycle -

Published: February 2014 | Pages: 44 | Format: PDF

 Two recessions in a decade, financial austerity, and unprecedented pressure to prove product value to all stakeholders. There is no question that the pharma game has changed in the new “Outcomes Era”, in which health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) departments have moved from the background to the driver's seat. 

 But how is pharma handling the new pressures to develop products that not only deliver blockbuster revenue but real world health outcomes, too? Are pharma companies truly integrating health outcome values into product development or merely paying lip-service? 

 In a rare and comprehensive insight into thriving in the “Outcomes Era”, Value-driven Pharma: Integrating health outcomes across the product lifecycle tackles the issues that have not been publicly addressed in full. The report first looks at the current relationship between pharma and stakeholders, against a backdrop of economic recession. It also examines the disconnect between pharma's pledge to build value-driven products whilst failing to instil health outcome values at the critical early development stages. Filled with invaluable information from key industry insiders, the dossier is essential reading for R&D or medical directors, CEOs, heads of managed markets and anyone else interested in steering towards success in a tumultuous economic age. 

 Key Report Features 

 Filled with compelling and important insights into an evolving market, the report offers: 


  •  Detailed examination of the integration of health outcomes initiatives into drug discovery and early stage development 
  •  Advice on how to tailor health outcomes data to specific payers 
  •  Insight on best practices for enhancing relationships while overcoming payer skepticism of the industry 
  •  Up-to-date comparison of companies’ efforts in launching health outcomes initiatives, as well as an analysis of their practices 
  •  A case study detailing the Economic Perspectives Implemented in Clinical Development (EPIC) from UCB Pharma. 


 Key Benefits 

 Attitudes toward drug reimbursement have been shaped by economics. In Value-driven Pharma: Integrating health outcomes across the product lifecycle, you will: 


  •  Understand the importance of endorsing a comprehensive approach to health outcomes from the earliest stages of product development 
  •  Gain insight into devising strategies that incorporate health outcomes initiatives from drug discovery to market rollout 
  •  Understand how to approach payers on a case-by-case basis, tailor data and prioritise transparency 
  •  Be able to develop strategies that align health outcome initiatives across a number of teams, from managed markets professionals to health outcome liaisons 


 1. Executive Summary 

 2. Part One: The Outcomes Era 

 2.1.An uneven state of play 

 2.2.Common hurdles, hiccups, frustrations 

 2.3.Best practices 

 3.Part Two: Embracing outcomes from the start 

 3.1.Narrowing the list of potential indications 

 3.2.Early-stage stakeholder engagement 

 3.3.Early economic evaluation 

 3.4.Further targeting via personalised medicine 

 3.5.An emerging industry norm 

 4.Part Three: Health outcomes and clinical trials 

 4.1.The clinical trial conundrum 

 4.2.Step One: Survey the landscape and start early 

 4.2.1.Interviewing payers 

 4.3.Step Two: Piece together a hypothetical profile 

 4.4.Step Three: Craft and test a strategy 

 5.Part Four: A case study in systematically integrating outcomes and the payer perspective from early on into drug discovery and development 

 5.1.Business Objectives 

 5.2.Set up and organization 

 5.3.EPIC workshops and ambassadors 

 5.4.TA and compound-level strategy sessions 


 6.Part Five: Taking outcomes to market 

 6.1.One size fits one 

 6.2.Transparency is paramount 

 6.3.Go big 

 6.4.Prove it with their own data 

 6.5.Take risks and be innovative 

 7.Part Six: The alignment imperative 

 7.1.Implementing a matrix 

 7.2.The need for a strong leader 

 7.3.Mastering handoffs 

 7.4.Third-party integration 

 8.Expert contributors