2011 CRO Quality Benchmark Report -

Q2, 2011 

This is a substantial study based on interviews with 150 pharmaceutical and biotechnology company representatives. Respondents graded 25 small, mid-size, and large CROs across 20 important capabilities that affect provider selection and delivery quality. The report contains 320 pages, including over 300 charts and graphs and in-depth analysis not previously available to the industry. 

This study - designed, executed and analyzed by research professionals from the drug development industry - is a "Consumer Reports"-style guide to buying and delivering quality product development services. 

Report Contents 

This report is divided into four sections: 

Service Provider Use: Provides perspective on the market’s relative use of each of the providers discussed in the report. 

Service Provider Selection: Outlines –by phase –the criteria by which sponsors select their CRO partners. 

Scorecards & Selection Tools: Provides a summary analysis of providers’ service quality across ISR’s 20 different service quality outcomes. Also includes ISR’s recommendations for certain CROs that sponsors should shortlist, depending on specific service needs. 

Service Quality Drill-downs: Showcases each provider’s attribute-by-attribute performance across the 20 service quality dimensions, each provider’s service variability and each provider’s customer loyalty profile. 

As always, an appendix of Charts and Graphs is also included within this report with responses to all questions asked in this study.    

Companies Profiled   


  • Accenture   
  • Bioclinica   
  • CEDRA   
  • Cetero   
  • Charles River   
  • Chiltern   
  • Cognizant   
  • Covance   
  • DCRI-Duke   
  • i3 Pharma Services   
  • ICON   
  • INC Research   
  • inVentiv   
  • Kendle   
  • Medpace   
  • Octagon   
  • Omnicare   


  • Outcome 
  • PharmaNet   
  • PPD   
  • PRA   
  • Premier Research   
  • Quintiles   
  • Registrat-MAPI   
  • Rho   
  • RPS   
  • SGS Life Sciences   
  • Siro Clinpharm   
  • Tata   
  • UBC   
  • US Oncology   
  • West Cost Clinical Trials  




    What Readers Will Learn: 

    Readers will gain an in-depth understanding of: 

    • Delivery quality for 25 prominent CROs across 20 dimensions of service  
    • Which CROs deliver consistent service and which are highly variable  
    • Customer satisfaction and loyalty profiles for each service provider  
    • What drives sponsors' selection of CROs for Phase I-IV studies