Central Lab Market Dynamics and Outsourcing Performance -

Published: Q4, 2012 | Pages: 93

When does “centralized” not really mean “centralized?” We ask the question because the data from this report points in the direction of “central” lab services becoming more decentralized. Not necessarily from a local labs perspective, but from a service provider and regional point of view.
In this report, ISR revisits the central lab market to explore topics and trends in the global central lab market.


Major Report Sections:

Market Dynamics and Outsourcing Environment - Sponsors’ perspectives on which central labs services are likely to drive growth in the coming years, which global regions are increasing and decreasing in strategic importance, the growth in “sole-provider” outsourcing, and market size for outsourced central labs services

Central Lab Service Providers - An analysis of how central labs service providers are selected; how central lab providers perform relative to their customers’ expectations; an analysis of what drives satisfaction in central lab relationships; central lab providers’ strengths and weaknesses, including what can differentiate providers from each other; and the importance of specific metrics that lab providers might consider tracking and reporting going forward.

Study Data - As always, ISR provides readers a comprehensive look at the responses to every question we asked participants.

What You’ll Learn: 

  • Market Dynamics and Outsourcing Environment: Understand future service growth areas, regional trends, market size and outsourcing activities in the central lab market 
  • Analysis of Central Lab Service Providers: Learn how the top central lab providers performed relative to their customers’ expectations, market share, and the linkage between central lab and clinical monitoring outsourcing
Actionable Insight:

For Sponsors -
Understand the strengths and weaknesses of nine central lab providers enabling better vendor selection to compliment organizational needs

For Central Lab Providers -
Learn which lab services and geographies are expected to drive future growth
Understand criteria used to select central lab service providers
Recognize, address, and benchmark service quality opportunities with feedback from buyers of central lab services


Table of Contents


Central Labs Market Dynamics and Outsourcing Performance1


Copyright and Usage Guidelines7




Study Findings9


Market Dynamics and Outsourcing Environment10


Future service growth areas10


Regional trends11


Current and future percent of central labs test by region/ country11


Net change in country/ region usage for central lab services12


Future country usage for central lab services13


Market Size15


Total Global Central Lab spending16


Total Global Central Lab spending excluding transportation costs17


Total Global Central Lab outsourced spending17




Clinical development activities18


Outsourcing of central lab activities19


Linkage between outsourcing of central labs and clinical monitoring20


Preferred providers and consolidation21


Section Summary22


Central Lab Service Providers23


Familiarity with service providers23


Perceived leaders in the field24


Proposal activity among central lab providers25


Service provider selection and satisfaction26


Most important metrics for central lab provider selection27


Most important attributes for service provider selection28


Sample turnaround time and geographic coverage30


High value and low cost31


Quality and project management32


Data management and GLP compliance33


Cross service provider assessment34


Service provider strengths and weaknesses36


Section Summary38


Study Data39


Outsourcing Activity40


Preferred provider analysis40


Trends in central lab preferred provider relationships40


Outsourcing Penetration41


Outsourcing of clinical development activities41


Outsourcing of central lab activities42


Transportation costs43


Central lab as a proportion of clinical development spend44


Regional Activity45


Regional distribution for central lab tests45


Increased country usage for central lab services46


Decreased country usage for central lab services48


Future country usage for central lab services50




Metrics Champion Consortium familiarity52


Most important metrics for central lab provider selection53


Service providers54


Provider concentration54


Top 6 market share54


Linkage between central lab and clinical monitoring outsourcing55


Perceived leaders in providing central lab services56


Proposals received from central lab service providers in past 12 months57


Anticipated proposals for central lab services over next 12 months58


Service provider selection attributes59


Five most important attributes59


Attributes increasing in importance60


Familiarity with service providers61


Service provider performance63


Direct experience in the past 12 months63


Covance performance on key service attributes65


Quintiles performance on key service attributes66


ICON performance on key service attributes67


LabCorp Clinical Trials performance on key service attributes68


PPD performance on key service attributes69


Quest performance on key service attributes70


Medpace performance on key service attributes71


Celerion performance on key service attributes72


ACM Global performance on key service attributes73


Cross-provider attribute assessment74


Innovative pricing models74


Project management75




High value76


Low cost76


Sample turnaround time77


Geographic coverage77


Broad test menu78


Biomarker capabilities78


Data management79


GLP compliance79


Integration with clinical operations80


Market Dynamics81


Service growth81


Services expected to experience the most growth through 201581


Interest in “all you can eat” model82


Sole source agreements83


Adoption levels83


Important attributes for sole source partnership84


Respondent Demographics86


Organization Type86


Organization Size86


Respondent Job Title87


Respondent and Company HQ Location87


Decision-making responsibility88


Primary decision-making responsibility89


Central lab responsibility90


Development responsibility by phase91