The State of Clinical Imaging -


Q1, 2012 

The Clinical imaging market (like the Cardiac Safety / ECG market) is one of the more interesting clinical outsourcing markets we've evaluated. As one of the few frontiers where specialized service providers can effectively compete with the global, full service CROs, it is very important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of these providers and understand which services are going to needed in the near future. 

What Readers Will Learn
Sponsors – The use of imaging in clinical trials is not an everyday occurrence and your organization may not have had the opportunity to "try out" as many providers as you would like. This research provides you with a head-start in determining which service providers perform well and those that perform not-so-well in the areas you need the most assistance with.

Service Providers – You'll gain a better understanding of the current imaging services market, including how sponsors select providers and an assessment of your services as they are perceived by your customers. 

Companies Profiled: 

  • ACR Image Metrix  
  • BioClinica  
  • Charles River  
  • Clinical Imaging Systems     
  • CoreLab  
  • Covance  
  • Eurofins  
  • ICON Medical Imaging  
  • Medpace  
  • MPI Research  
  • Prism Clinical Imaging  
  • VirtualScopics  
  • WorldCare Clinical