The State of the EDC and ePRO Market(2) - Market Dynamics and a Service Assessment of the EDC and ePRO Market

Q2, 2011  

The pharmaceutical industry has typically been slow to adopt new data collection technology when it comes to clinical development. And to some degree this is understandable when you are working in a highly regulated industry where patient safety is the highest priority. Why change a proven process?  

However, over the past decade we have witnessed the industry's almost total acceptance of electronic data capture (EDC) technology and the growing acceptance of electronic patient reported outcomes (ePRO) applications.  

Respondents provided their satisfaction with product attributes like human-machine interface, technical support, EDC page load speed, ePRO reporting portal, and integration capabilities, just to name a few. You may be surprised to find that providers that rate high on brand familiarity and use are not necessarily those that garner the highest satisfaction ratings.  

Report Content: This report contains the following four sections.  

1. High-level takeaways and implications - In this section we lay out what the data in this report is telling us and how it could impact your development strategies and operations. The goal of this section is to arm you with usable recommendations that can impact your current and future operations.  

2. EDC service provider section – This section focuses on how Principal Investigators and Site Coordinators view the various aspects and market dynamics as they relate to Electronic Data Capture. These include:
Adoption and preference for EDC
Service provider brand leadership and performance

3. ePRO service provider section – This section focuses on how Principal Investigators and Site Coordinators view the various aspects and market dynamics as they relate to Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes. These include:   

Adoption and preference for ePRO 
Service provider brand leadership and performance 
4. Trends and ideas impacting clinical development – In the end a sponsor or service provider wants to lock patient data on-time. This section ties together respondents’ views of how these technologies can and could improve the speed of and general conduct of clinical development studies.

As always, an appendix of Charts and Graphs is also included within this report with responses to all questions asked in this study.    

What Readers Will Learn From This Report:
Sponsors and CROs 

How to select a technology partner that enhances your relationships with sites 
Preferences for specific EDC and ePRO applications 
What study types users believe are least suited for the technologies 
Current and future adoption estimates for ePRO 
Which technology providers have the best and worst integration capabilities with other technologies 
Technology Providers  

Their own brand's strength vs. competing providers 
Product adoption profiles for all major brands 
Detailed performance profiles for all major technology providers across critical success factors 
Competitive strengths and weaknesses 
Product satisfaction profiles across all major brands 
Technology users' brand preferences
EDC Vendors Profiled: 

Etrials/Merge Healthcare 
Medidata Rave 
Oracle Remote Data Capture (RDC) 
Phase Forward InForm 
Phoenix Data Systems 
ePRO Vendors Profiled:  

CRF Inc 
Other Measurements Reported: 

Human-machine Interface 
Query Process 
Speed/ Page Loads 
Technical Support 
Integration Capabilities 
Overall Satisfaction 



Copyright and Usage Guidelines 7

Introduction 8 

Study Findings  11

High-level takeaways and implications 12

Sponsor and CRO organizations 12

EDC organizations 13

ePRO organizations 14

Electronic Data Capture (EDC) 16

EDC Market Dynamics 16

Preference for EDC vs. paper CRFs 16

Negative associations with EDC 17

EDC systems on-site 18

Study suitability for EDC 18

EDC Brand Leadership 19

Brand familiarity 19

EDC provider use 20

EDC provider preference 21

EDC Platform Performance and Satisfaction 22

Satisfaction with product attributes 22

Improving performance and features 24

EDC Integration with IVR & ePRO technologies 25

EDC Section Conclusions 27

Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO) 28

ePRO Market Dynamics 28

Preference for ePRO vs. paper diaries 28

ePRO systems currently in use 29

Study suitability for ePRO 29

Negative associations with ePRO 30

ePRO Brand Leadership 31

ePRO Brand familiarity 31

ePRO service provider use 32

ePRO provider preference 33

ePRO Platform Performance and Satisfaction 34

Satisfaction with product attributes 35

Integration with IVR & EDC technologies 38

Improving performance and features 39

ePRO Section Conclusions 40

Trends impacting clinical development 41

Reducing the length of a clinical trial 41

Impact on Reducing Clinical Trial Time -EDC 41

Impact on Reducing Clinical Trial Time -ePRO 42

ePRO Usage: Present and Future 44

Trends impacting clinical development Section Conclusions 45