The State of the Phase I Market - Market size, growth estimates, and Service Quality and Loyalty profiles for major Phase I service providers

Q3, 2011 

  • Which Phase I service providers best meet sponsors’ service quality expectations? 
  • Are Phase I studies becoming more global? 
  • How much work is being outsourced to Large, Mid-size, and Specialized Phase I providers? 
  • Are sponsors outsourcing closer to home? 
  • What proportion of Phase I studies include patients?  
  • What can I expect the market to look like in 2014? 

Those questions and more are answered within “The State of the Phase I Market” report, which has been compiled through primary research of over 100 pharmaceutical decision makers with Phase I responsibilities. 

Report Content: 

This report is divided into four sections: 

1. Market Dynamics: Including the volume of Phase I studies and the volume of Phase I studies being outsourced, market size estimates for Phase I services and proportion of work that will be distributed amongst large global, mid-size multi-service, and specialty Phase I CROs, and how, if at all, sponsors see patient populations, multi-center studies, and other trends influencing study conduct in the future 

2. Geographical Trends: Where the industry conducts its Phase I studies currently and how this geographic mix will be different in 2014 

3. Service Provider Selection Criteria: The attributes that sponsors use to make their service provider selection decisions, which attributes are gaining in importance, and which providers are being solicited for Phase I work and being awarded that work 

4. Service Provider Phase I Quality Ratings: Profiles of 16 Phase I service providers where we identify where specific providers miss, meet, and exceed their customers’ delivery quality expectation across 10 critical dimensions 

As always, an appendix of Charts and Graphs is also included within this report with responses to all questions asked in this study. 

What Readers Will Learn: 

  • Discover why access to patient populations and alternative geographies should figure into your strategic planning 
  • Learn the tools sponsors use to select service providers and which providers best meet sponsors' service quality expectations 
  • See how the proportion of Phase I outsourcing spend is divided amongst large, mid-size, and specialty Phase I providers 

Companies Profiled:  

  • CEDRA  
  • Cetero  
  • Charles River  
  • Covance  
  • i3 Pharma Services  
  • ICON  
  • INC Research  
  • Kendle  
  • Medpace  
  • PharmaNet  
  • PPD  
  • PRA  
  • Quintiles  
  • SGS Life Sciences  
  • West Coast Clinical Trials