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November 2013

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IPR Bundle

Epigenetics: Emerging Targets, Available Technologies, Expert Interviews, and an Epigenetic Community Perspective - Tables and Figures

Table 1.1 List of known histone modifications in vertebrates
Table 1.2: Targets and their developmental status
Table 5.1: Validated antibodies using ChIP, ChIP-chip, and ChIP-Seq assays

Figure 1.1: Interest in epigenetic targets over time
Figure 5.1: ChIP-chip validation steps
Figure 5.2: ChIP antibody validation steps
Figure 8.1: Survey participants
Figure 8.2: Popular areas of study
Figure 8.3: Technology of choice
Figure 8.4: Targets of interest
Figure 8.5: Expected diseases to benefit from therapeutic applications
Figure 8.6: Classes expected to receive FDA approval
Figure 8.7: Participants in partnerships
Figure 8.8: Impact of partnerships on research