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April 2015

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Prenatal Diagnostic Testing - Figures and Tables


Figure 12.1: Survey demographics 

Figure 12.2: Screening vs. testing 

Figure 12.3: Specific areas of research 

Figure 12.4: Challenges encountered 

Figure 12.5: Preferred applications of use 

Figure 12.6: Competitive strategies 



Table 3.1: MaterniT21 PLUS aneuploidy performance 

Table 3.2: MaterniT21 PLUS 

Table 4.1: verifi prenatal test performance for aneuploidies 

Table 4.2: verifi prenatal test performance for sex chromosomes 

Table 4.3: verifi prenatal test 

Table 5.1 Harmony Test 

Table 6.1: Panorama Test 

Table 7.1: DEPArray System 

Table 8.1: Noninvasive screening test specifications