e-Clinical Trial Solutions Market to 2018 - -Growing Complexity of Clinical Trials and Increased Focus on Accuracy and Efficiency Drive Trial Sponsors to Adopt Novel Technologies


GBI Research, the leading business intelligence provider, has released its latest research, “e-Clinical Trial Solutions Market to 2018 - Growing Complexity of Clinical Trials and Increased Focus on Accuracy and Efficiency Drive Trial Sponsors to Adopt Novel Technologies”, which provides key data and analysis of the major factors affecting the market for eClinical trial solutions in the pharmaceuticals industry. The report also analyzes the opportunities and threats in the eClinical trial solutions market, and the key market drivers and barriers to the adoption of eClinical trial solutions in the industry. The report is based on proprietary databases, primary and secondary research, and in-house analysis by GBI Research’s team of industry experts.  



Detailed market characterization, including market size and technology adoption, and forecasts until 2018.
Data and analysis on the eClinical trial solutions market in the leading geographies of the world – the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific.
Analysis and review of the key events and milestones that will impact the future of the global eclinical trial solutions market. Each trend is independently researched to provide qualitative analysis of its implications.
Insightful review of key industry drivers, restraints and challenges which are likely to impact the global eclinical trial solutions market in the long run.
Case studies on cost cutting in clinical trials for clinical trial management systems, clinical supply chain management systems, clinical data management systems, intellectual voice response systems, e-diaries and standardization.
The report also covers information on the leading market players and the competitive landscape.

Reasons to Buy

Develop business strategies by understanding the trends shaping and driving the eClinical trial solutions market.
Drive revenues by understanding key trends, innovative products and technologies, market segments and companies likely to impact the eClinical trial solutions market in the future.
Formulate effective sales and marketing strategies by understanding the competitive landscape and by analyzing the performance of various competitors.
Identify emerging players with a potentially strong product portfolio, and create effective counter-strategies to gain a competitive advantage.
Organize your sales and marketing efforts by identifying the market categories and segments that present maximum opportunities for consolidations, investments and strategic partnerships.
What’s the next big thing in the eClinical trial solutions market landscape? – Identify, understand and capitalize. 




Table of Contents
1 Table of Contents 
1.1 List of Tables 
1.2 List of Figures 
2 eClinical Trial Solutions Market: Executive Summary 
2.1 eClinical Trial Solutions are Witnessing Increased Innovation, with Companies Shifting Towards Allocating Special Budgets to Increase their Annual Savings 
2.2 Electronic Data Capture to Witness Huge Growth in the Next Five Years; EDC Vendors to Focus on More Complex Issues to Meet Industry Expectations 
2.3 High Dependence on Traditional Clinical Trial Data Capturing Methods of Pharmaceutical Companies is the Major Restraint to the eClinical Trial Solutions Industry 
2.4 ePRO Solutions Save Considerable Cost and Time 
2.5 Data Analysis and Standardization is Gaining Importance, Reducing the Time Taken for Drugs to Reach the Market 
3 eClinical Trial Solutions Market: Introduction 
3.1 Introduction to eClinical Trial Solutions 
3.1.1 Need for eClinical Trial Solutions The Changing Face of R&D 
3.1.2 Technological Overview 
4 eClinical Trial Solutions Market: Overview of eClinical Trials 
4.1.1 Clinical Trial Planning Clinical Trial Project Planning Pain Points in Clinical Trial Project Planning Clinical Trial Supply Chain Planning Pain Points in Clinical Trial Supply Chain Management Planning Issues Manufacturing Issues Distribution Issues Visibility Issues 
4.1.2 Clinical Data Capture Pain Points in Data Capturing Issues with Paper-Based Data Collection Issues with Paper-Based Diaries Issues with Paper-Based Data Management 
4.1.3 Clinical Data Management Pain Points in Clinical Data Management 
4.1.4 Clinical Data Analysis and Reporting Pain Points in Clinical Data Analysis and Reporting 
4.1.5 Overview of eClinical Trial Solutions Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) Benefits of Clinical Trial Management Systems Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Cost Saving Scenario in EDC Cost Saving Scenario for Phase I and Phase II Trials SaaS-based EDC Electronic Patient Report Outcome System (ePRO) Cost Saving Scenario with eDiaries ePRO Adoption Rates Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRS) Clinical Data Management Systems (CDMS) Clinical Trial Supply Chain Management System 
5 eClinical Trial Solutions Market: Market Characterization 
5.1 Market Size and Forecasts for eClinical Trial Solutions 
5.1.1 Clinical Trial Management System Market Introduction to Clinical Trial Management Systems Market Size and Forecasts New Products in the CTMS Market Recent Industry Activity 
5.1.2 Key Players in the CTMS Market Aris Global LLC Perceptive Informatics (a subsidiary of Parexel International Corporation) (US) Medidata Solutions (US) eResearch Technology Inc. (US) BioClinica Inc. 
5.1.3 Electronic Data Capture Market Introduction to Electronic Data Capture Market Size and Forecasts New Products in the EDC Market Recent Industry Activity 
5.1.4 Key Players in the EDC Market DATATRAK International, Inc. eResearchTechnology, Inc. etrials Worldwide, Inc. Nextrials 
5.1.5 ePRO Market Introduction to the ePRO Market Market Size and Forecasts New Products in the ePRO Market Recent Industry Activity 
5.1.6 Key Players in the ePRO Market Invivodata CRF Health 
5.1.7 IVRS Market Introduction to the IVRS Market Market Size and Forecasts New Products in the IVRS Market Recent Industry Activity 
5.1.8 Key Players in the IVRS Market BioClinica, Inc. HMD Clinical ClinIntel 
5.1.9 Emerging Trend of Virtual Clinical Trials Mytrus Methodology 
5.2 Market Drivers 
5.2.1 Cutting Down Clinical Trial Costs is the Driving Motivation for the Adoption of eClinical Trial Solutions 
5.2.2 Improved Data Standardization Increases Adoption of IT Solutions 
5.2.3 Adaptive Clinical Trials are Preferred by Large Biopharmaceutical Companies 
5.2.4 Increasing Phase III and Phase II Trials Escalates eClinical Solution Adoption 
5.2.5 “Expansion of Indication” for the Existing Drugs is a New Market Opportunity 
5.3 Market Challenges 
5.3.1 The Traditional Approaching Activities of Pharmaceutical Companies Towards eClinical Trial Solutions 
5.3.2 Lack of Standardization of Data Collection Methods Might Limit the Value of eClinical Trial Technologies 
5.3.3 The Need for Improvisation of Solutions 
5.4 Market Trends Clinical Trial Spending is Increasing at a Faster Rate R&D Spending is High in the US Phase II Spending is Highest in the US and Europe Market Potential for eClinical Solutions by Phases (US and Europe) is Largely from Phase III Electronic Data Capture will Witness the Highest Investment for the Next Five Years 
5.5 Adoption Trends 
6 eClinical Trial Solutions Market: Technology Trends 
6.1 Business Models 
6.1.1 Outsourcing of Clinical Data Management 
6.1.2 Individual Project Outsourcing Model 
6.1.3 Full Time Equivalent Model 
6.1.4 Functional Service Provider Model 
6.1.5 The Need for Outsourcing A Full Time Equivalent Model Service Provider Outsourcing to India Cost of Setting up a Clinical Data Management Setup in India 
6.1.6 Case Studies Strategic Move by a Large Pharmaceutical Company End-to-End Clinical Data Management Solutions 
6.2 Recent Developments in CDISC Standards 
6.2.1 SDTM 
6.2.2 ADaM 
6.2.3 ODM 
6.2.4 LAB 
6.2.5 CRT-DDS 
6.2.6 Protocol standard 
6.2.7 CDISC Sponsored Studies Save Time and Costs 
7 eClinical Trial Solutions Market: Competetive Landscape 
7.1 Competitive Benchmarking by Solution Offerings 
8 eClinical Trial Solutions Market: Appendix 
8.1 Market Definitions 
8.2 Abbreviations 
8.3 Bibliography 
8.4 Research Methodology 
8.4.1 Coverage 
8.4.2 Secondary Research 
8.4.3 Primary Research 
8.4.4 Expert Panel Validation 
8.5 Contact Us 
8.6 Disclaimer