Custom Market Research Services



Custom Research 

Insight Pharma Reports, a division of Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI), provides market intelligence services to companies that wish to gain insight into specific life science sectors. The research project can be identified by an individual or multiple sponsoring companies. We use a variety of evidence-based market analysis techniques to reveal trends, attitudes, perceptions, practices and insights that underlie the drug discovery and development process.

Our experienced research team will work with you to fully understand your needs in order to create and conduct a custom market research program that meets your objectives. Whether you require information to support product development, opportunity assessment, pricing guidance, market entry decisions, or other time-critical business decisions, we can deliver real-time market research within your timeframe and budget.


The team specializes in:


  • Online surveys  
  • Telephone and face-to-face interviews  
  • Conjoint analysis 

Using CHI’s unparalleled database of over 800,000 individuals worldwide involved in all sectors of the life sciences, we can reach your target market by:Sector (e.g., pharma/biotech, academic or other non-profit segment, CROs)


  • Operating unit  
  • Functional title  
  • Geographic region 

The Insight Pharma Reports team brings the same intelligence and care for accuracy and substance that you value in our reports to your custom research needs. To discuss your custom market research project, contact Lisa Scimemi at .