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September 2013

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IPR Bundle

Macrocycles: Discovery, Development & Technologies - Tables and Figures


Figure 1.1: Example of Macrocycles

Figure 3.1: Different Peptide Structures with the same Amino Acid Sequence

Figure 4.1: Multicomponent Ugi Reaction Yields a Pentapeptide Constrained in a Macrocycle

Figure 5.1: Hybridization of DNA Synthesizes Macrocycle Compounds

Figure 6.1: Methyl-Lanthionine-Containing Peptides 

Figure 6.2: Lanthipeptide Library on Lactococcus lactis Cell Surface

Figure 8.1: Linear Peptide vs. CLIPS-Peptide

Figure 13.1: Organizations Surveyed

Figure 13.2: Time Spent Studying Macrocycles

Figure 13.3: Areas of Study

Figure 13.4: Problems Encountered