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Dan Miller
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Clinical Genome and Digital Course Bundle

Included in this bundle: 


  • Report:  Advances in Clinical Genome Sequencing and Diagnostics
  • Digital Course DVD:  Clinical Genome Sequencing


About the Advances in Clinical Genome Sequencing and Diagnostics Report 

This report explores the recent surge in clinical genome sequencing, from the point of view of the sequencing providers, the medical organizations delivering these services, and the start-ups offering a variety of interpretation services, platforms, and busness models. Aspects discussed and presented include:

  • Progress in clinical genome sequencing
  • Organizations leading the way in generating clinical data and its interpretation.
  • Determining the causality of documented variants in genetic disease.
  • Clinical genome sequencing in oncology.
  • Academic and commercial clinical genomics providers.
  • The next-gen sequencing landscape.
  • Companies providing genome interpretation software.
  • Initiatives in setting sequencing standards.
  • Interviews with six industry experts, conducted exclusively for this report.
  • Results of a custom survey on clinical genome sequencing.
  • A list of print and online resources for further investigation into this area.

About the Clinical Genome Sequencing Digital Course DVD 

The move to push genome sequencing into routine clinical practice requires arguably as much skill in navigating bureaucracy as mapping and interpreting base pairs. This digital course provides practical information on crafting clinical sequencing and analysis pipeline strategies while navigating the route of CAP and CLIA certification by those who have sailed through these uncharted waters.