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October 2011 

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New Trends in Preventive and Therapeutic Vaccines - Overview

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Author: Herman AM Mucke, PhD

This report provides an analytical snapshot of the current state of the vaccine industry, its development efforts, and an outlook to 2020, examining:

  • Vaccines for prevention of infectious diseases including hepatitis, influenza, polio, rabies, tropical viruses, and HIV
  • Therapeutic vaccines that target HIV, HCV, asthma and allergy, type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, arthritis, atherosclerosis, transplant rejection, Alzheimer’s disease, periodontitis, substance abuse, obesity, cachexia, and age-related macular degeneration
  • Therapeutic cancer vaccines, including all cancer vaccines currently known to be in Phase III clinical trials and an overview of products that are in Phase I or II
  • Perspectives for vaccine development, the direction the markets are likely to take to 2020, and estimates for market growth
  • Results of a four-part survey offering unique insights into industry sentiment concerning vaccine development to 2020
  • Advances in vaccine design, formulation, and delivery
  • Company profiles of large pharmaceutical players in the vaccine business and small vaccine specialist companies

New Trends in Preventive and Therapeutic Vaccines: R&D Activities and Commercial Prospects begins by dealing with the major task of vaccines: prevention of infectious diseases. A thorough overview of vaccine-preventable diseases is given, with a special focus on human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis C, and influenza. We use the case of a potential HIV vaccine for an analysis of how the first vaccine for a previously “unvaccinable” major infectious disease could fare, on the market and in terms of epidemiological impact, assuming several scenarios. The major corporate players on the market, and vaccine specialist companies including those developing or selling vaccines for “weaponized” biological agents such as anthrax, are reviewed as are the international organizations and the charities, which play the dominant role in making standard vaccines accessible to the developing nations. Attention is given to emerging tropical viral diseases (such as Dengue and West Nile virus), which are increasingly spreading to the temperate zones of the globe. A special section is devoted to the challenge of tropical parasitic diseases. Opposition to vaccination is also discussed.

We then turn to therapeutic vaccines that target chronic infectious diseases, but also non-infectious conditions with massive immune system involvement. A special section addresses efforts to develop therapeutic vaccines for conditions that most people would not consider targets for this type of intervention. Therapeutic cancer vaccines are covered in a separate chapter. This part of the report reviews the paradigms of active immune intervention in cancer and the problems it faces, as well as discusses cancer vaccines in clinical development. Standardized cancer vaccines, which work by harnessing the patient’s immune system, should offer a completely new therapeutic angle. Most importantly, they would be best suited to prevent tumor recurrence once a complete remission has been achieved by initial therapy—which would open an entirely new perspective for cancer survivors, and a completely new market as well.

Insight Pharma Reports conducted a four-part online survey in late September/early October 2011, which covered preventive vaccines for infectious diseases in general, influenza vaccines, HIV and HCV vaccines, and cancer vaccines. Analyses of the responses can be found throughout this report.

About the AuthorHermann AM Mucke, PhD, spent 17 years in academia and industry before he founded H.M. Pharma Consultancy ( in 2000 to become an independent pharmaceutical consultant, analyst, and science author. His last industry position was Vice President R&D in a European pharmaceutical company, which he helped take public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 1999. Since then, Dr. Mucke, who holds a PhD in biochemistry from the University of Vienna (Austria), has become a consultant and advisory board member for several European and American pharmaceutical companies and a regular reviewer of drugs and patents for Thomson Current Drugs and Ashley Publications. Dr. Mucke is based in Vienna.