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June 2014 

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Dan Miller
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Antibiotic Renaissance: Technology and Market Advances in the War against Drug-resistant Bacteria - Overview


New to Insight Pharma Reports is Antibiotic Renaissance: Technology and Market Advances in the War against Drug-resistant Bacteria. This report covers evolutionary growth of antibiotic resistant bacteria with a focus in research aspects, commercial aspects, market aspects, and trends in antibiotic resistance. Antibiotic resistance has a historical presence in the big pharma industry (documentation of its understanding leads back to 1940); however it has only recently been on the incline of popular adoption. Because of the rapid development of antibiotics and the growing pharma industry, most professionals felt secure in the belief that for every antibiotic fallen by the wayside, new ones would emerge to replace them, much to the chagrin of the smaller population of physicians and medical scientists. Due to technical difficulty, regulatory complexity, and relatively poor returns on investment, commercial drug developers became progressively less enamored with nurturing the antibiotic industry. One by one, big pharmas dropped out of the bacterial infectious disease space in favor of therapeutic areas offering greater blockbuster potential.

Although researchers have reached a point to develop antibiotics to drug-resistant bacteria, the morbidity and mortality from drug-resistant infections have resultantly scourged a variety of regions and industries, including our most useful medical facilities. In an effort to raise awareness and take action, governments, professional societies, and a growing body of medical researchers have published papers and reports that highlight the problems, call for remedial action, and propose action plans. Accordingly, academic, governmental, and commercial players have begun to ramp up activities in response to these calls to arms.

Highlighted in this report are the following concepts:

  • History, status, and progress of drug resistant bacteria
  • Evolution of today’s antibiotic resistant bacteria
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic research programs directed at alleviating medical problems caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria
  • Survey results exploiting commercial diagnostic and therapeutic programs and market-related aspects of antibiotic resistance
  • Trends developing in the field
  • Exclusive interviews with six individuals who are highly knowledgeable in the subject area