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January 2016

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Dan Miller
Marketing Associate


The Human Microbiome: Advancing New Frontiers in a Rapidly Emerging Market

The Human Microbiome

The field of Human Microbiome research and development is apparently one of the most popular hubs of the biotechnology industry. While the Human Microbiome Project, MetaHIT and other huge studies of human microbiota, have garnered a lot of attention over that past few years, the microbiome space has literally exploded in terms of both basic and applied biomedical research.

This report focuses on biomedical aspects of research, development, and commercial endeavors in the human microbiome space. It includes essential background information, evolution of the field, advances in basic research, events in the emerging commercial market, deal activity, interviews with experts, and trends in microbiome research and commerce. Primary sources of information for this report include the scientific literature, discussions with experts, and an online survey of individuals working in this space.

 This Report Covers:

  • Advances in Research on the Human Microbiome
  • Commercial Aspects of Microbiome Research and Development
  • Current Deal Activity
  • Over 25 Companies Profiled
  • Survey data from exclusive Insight Pharma Reports Survey

 Interviews with:

  • Lee Jones, Founder CEO, Rebiotix
  • Brian Varnum, PhD, Chief Development Officer C3 Jian
  • Yanjiao Zhou, MD, PhD, Research Scientist, The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine
  • Dr Bernard Malfroy-Camine, President and CEO, ViThera Pharmaceuticals
  • Mark L. Heiman, Ph.D., FTOS, Vice President, Research and CSO, MicroBiome Therapeutics (formerly NuMe Health)
  • Larry Weiss, MD, Chief Medical Officer, AOBiome, LLC
  • Karen E. Nelson, PhD, President, J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI), Head, Microbiome Program, Human Longevity Institute (HLI)
  • Sara Malcus, PhD, CEO, MetaboGen AB

Advances in Microbiome Diagnostics