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February 2014

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Dan Miller
Marketing Associate


IPR Bundle

Molecular Diagnostic Market and Testing - Overview

Molecular Diagnostics: An Insight to Rising Markets and Trends in Cancer and Prenatal Technologies covers market research, relevant disease background, and a number of rising technologies available to physicians and clinicians in the cancer and prenatal space. This report focuses on market background of the areas that are covered, including lung, breast, thyroid and blood cancers (specifically leukemia and lymphoma), as well as pre-conception genetic information and prenatal diagnostics.
Included in this Report:
  • Cancer diagnostics companies interviewed include: GeneCentric, Veracyte, Adaptive Biotechnologies   
  • Genetic and prenatal diagnostics research companies including GenePeeks and Verinata Health   
  • Comprehensive coverage of survey results (n=123) from the various companies and researchers working in molecular diagnostics.   
  • A company directory which was created for this report. This includes several seasoned and emerging companies, their areas of focus, and the status of their technologies.