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February 2014

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Molecular Diagnostic Market and Testing - Tables and Figures

Table 3.1: Targets and their clinical status
Table 4.1: Targeted therapies for breast cancer
Table 5.1: Lung Subtype Platform and Hypoxia Signature Platform
Table 6.1: Thyroid cancer stages
Table 7.1: Afirma Thyroid FNA Analysis Platform
Table 8.1: Classic Hodgkin disease types and characteristics
Table 8.2: B-cell and T-cell non-Hodgkin lymphomas
Table 9.1: clonoSEQ platform specifications
Table 11.1: Virtual Genome Platform
Table 12.1: verifi® prenatal test performance for aneuploidies
Table 12.2: verifi® prenatal test performance for sex chromosomes
Table 12.3: verifi® prenatal test


Figure 2.1: Growth in molecular diagnostics
Figure 2.2: Growth in lung cancer diagnostics
Figure 2.3: Growth in breast cancer diagnostics
Figure 2.4: Growth in thyroid cancer diagnostics
Figure 2.5: Growth in blood cancer diagnostics
Figure 2.6: Growth in prenatal diagnostics
Figure 3.1: Lung cancer deaths in men and women in the US
Figure 4.1: Breast cancer deaths in women in the US
Figure 14.1: Number of researchers working in molecular diagnostics
Figure 14.2: Survey demographics
Figure 14.3: Areas of study
Figure 14.4: Specific area of diagnostics
Figure 14.5: Technology status
Figure 14.6: Type of technologies in development
Figure 14.7: Technology basis
Figure 14.8: Targets of interest
Figure 14.9: Challenges encountered
Figure 15.1: Rank of Clients Purchasing Technologies from Selected Vendors