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January 2007 

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Biomarker SOPs Tables and Figures

Biomarker SOPs: Getting Optimum Value from Your Biomarker Programs

Ken Rubenstein, PhD

Table 1.1. GlaxoSmithKline’s Biomarker Typology
Table 6.1. Purpose versus Characteristics of Diagnostics Used as Screening Tools
Table 6.2. Biomarker Validation Attributes

Figure 6.1. Evolution of a New Biomarker
Figure 7.1. Survey: Respondents by Sector
Figure 7.2. Survey: Respondents by Position
Figure 7.3. Survey: Respondents by Stage of Work
Figure 7.4. Survey: Respondents by Research Focus
Figure 7.5. Survey: Involvement with Biomarker Planning and Discovery
Figure 7.6. Survey: View toward Precommercial Biomarker Development
Figure 7.7. Survey: View toward Standard Operating Procedures or Guidelines for Biomarker Development
Figure 7.8. Survey: View toward Outsourcing Biomarker Discovery and Development
Figure 7.9. Survey: Reasons for Biomarker Outsourcing
Figure 7.10. Survey: Types of Biomarkers Used
Figure 7.11. Survey: Stage at Which Biomarkers Are Used
Figure 7.12. Survey: Fiscal 2007 Biomarker-Related Budgetary Plans
Figure 7.13. Survey: Three-Year Biomarker-Related Budgetary Plans