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May 2007 

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Dan Miller
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High-Content Analysis Tables and Figures

High-Content Analysis: Technologies, Applications, Market Analysis

By James Kling and Richard Fisler 


Table 1.1. Selected HCA Platforms and Companies Involved

Table 4.1 Significant Events in the HCA Market

Table 4.2. Major HCA Hardware Suppliers and Market Share

Figure 1.1. HCA Instruments for HTS Experiments

Figure 2.1. Types of HCA Assays

Figure 2.2. Primary Weaknesses of HCA Software

Figure 3.1. Technical and Economic Barriers to Adopting HCA

Figure 4.1. Percent Breakdown of Applications of HCA in 2006

Figure 4.2. 5-year Growth In Sales of Hardware, Software and IT Components of the HCA Market, 2006-2012

Figure 4.3. Reagent Spending Associated with HCA Applications, 2006-2012