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January 2008 

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Ophthalmological Therapeutics Overview


Cover ImageOphthalmological Therapeutics: Pipelines, Delivery Technologies, and Markets

By Hermann A.M. Mucke, PhD




The ophthalmology market, although a relatively small niche in the pharmaceutical industry, is more than worthwhile to track for multiple reasons:

  • It is growing dynamically, and will likely continue this development unbroken for the next 2 or 3 decades.
  • It offers scientific challenges that are definitely tough but not insurmountable, with the paths to success already discernible.
  • It is a market that analysts and investors can understand. Severe eye diseases are debilitating but not terminal conditions, and therefore most people know at least 1 person with severe vision impairment and can sympathize—which on the whole creates a more favorable basis for investments.

Ophthalmological Therapeutics: Pipelines, Delivery Technologies, and Markets provides a cutting-edge review of the challenges, achievements, and perspectives that characterize the inseparable therapeutic triad of ophthalmological pharmacology, surgery of the visual tract, and implantable ophthalmological medical devices. At annual sales of less than $10 billion, this is a niche segment by the standards of the drug industry; however, it is a highly prestigious and profitable field. Because nothing that concerns intervention with the visual system is trivial, highly innovative specialist companies dominate development on the pharmacological as well as on the drug delivery side, which is immensely important in ophthalmological medicine.

Specifically, this report covers:

  • A thorough therapeutic pipeline analysis
  • Company profiles, including shifts in the corporate landscape since 2000
  • A full discussion of eye disorders and potential treatments
  • Current market dynamics
  • Market predictions through 2015
  • Expert commentary from leaders in the field

The market for prescription drugs to treat eye disorders will experience considerable and consistent growth throughout the next 10 years. The partial table below shows some of the research and development programs that are part of the growing field.

Overview Image 

Source: H.M. Pharma Consultancy

With its complexity and sensitivity—and with its tremendous importance to the quality of human life—the eye offers a broad range of challenges to pharmaceutical, surgical, and prosthetic science. Ophthalmological Therapeutics: Pipelines, Delivery Technologies, and Markets discusses in detail all the aspects that make the ophthalmology market fascinating, promising, and profitable.

About the Author

Hermann A.M. Mucke, PhD, spent 17 years in academia and industry before he founded H.M. Pharma Consultancy (www.hmpharmacon.com) in 2000 to become an independent pharmaceutical consultant, analyst, and science author. His last industry position was Vice President R&D in a European pharmaceutical company, which he helped to take public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 1999. Since then, Dr. Mucke, who holds a PhD in biochemistry from the University of Vienna (Austria), became a consultant and advisory board member for several European and American pharmaceutical companies and a regular reviewer of drugs and patents for Thomson Current Drugs and Ashley Publications. Dr. Mucke is based in Vienna.