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January 2008 

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Molecular Imaging Report Tables and Figures

Molecular Imaging in Drug R&D and Medical Practice: Technologies, Applications, Markets

By Ken Rubenstein, PhD


Table 2.1. Imaging Technology Timeline

Table 4.1. PET Scan Procedures Eligible for Reimbursement to Medicare Recipients

Table 6.1. Selected Recent Deals in Molecular Imaging

Table 6.2. Worldwide Molecular Imaging Instrument Revenues, 2007 Estimates and 2012 Projections

Table 6.3. Worldwide Molecular Imaging Reagent Revenues, 2007 Estimates and 2012 Projections


Figure 2.1. Chest X-ray Image

Figure 2.2. CT Image of the Abdomen

Figure 2.3. CT Fan Beam and Configuration

Figure 2.4. Schematic of the PET Scanning Process

Figure 3.1. Control Versus Velcade Treatment of a Mouse Carrying Human Prostate Cancer Xenograft

Figure 3.2. Optical Imaging of a Mouse Injected with a Probe Targeted to Brain Amyloid Plaque

Figure 3.3. Mouse Vasculature Envisioned by High-Resolution Micro-CT

Figure 3.4. FDG-PET Tumor Scans Taken Before Treatment and 7 Days After the Start of Treatment

Appendix Figures

Figure 1A. Response by Sector

Figure 2A. Response by Title

Figure 3A. Stage of Respondents’ Work

Figure 4A. Respondents’ Area of Work

Figure 5A. Technologies Used by Respondents’ Organizations

Figure 6A. Involvement in Molecular Imaging for Preclinical Development

Figure 7A. Means by Which Preclinical Molecular Imaging Studies Are Conducted

Figure 8A. Technologies Used in In Vivo Molecular Imaging for Preclinical Development

Figure 9A. Involvement in Molecular Imaging for Clinical Development

Figure 10A. Approaches Used for Molecular Imaging in Clinical Studies

Figure 11A. Standardization of Instruments and Methods

Figure 12A. Molecular Imaging in Oncology Applications

Figure 13A. Molecular Imaging in Neurological Applications

Figure 14A. Involvement with Disease Areas Other than Oncological and Neurological

Figure 15A. Outlook for Fiscal 2008 Molecular Imaging Expenditures

Figure 16A. Outlook for Molecular Imaging Expenditures During the Next 3 Years