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September 2010 

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Diabetes Pipeline: Intense Activity to Meet Unmet Need Report - Overview

Brochure CoverAuthor: Peter Norman, MBA, PhD

Diabetes has serious consequences if it is not well treated. In 2010, the global prevalence of diabetes was estimated to have reached 285 million and it is predicted to reach 438 million in 2030. Available agents provide imperfect control of the disease, and the medical need for better therapies is widely recognized. This report discusses:


  • Pros and cons of marketed therapies and snapshots of the global diabetes market
  • Development pipelines and approaches that are being taken
  • Anticipated FDA filing dates for significant new products
  • Profiles of selected companies that are active in the field, including major and emerging players as well as specialist companies
  • Global market forecast to 2014, accounting for impacts of generics and new therapies
  • Expert interviews

Figure 3.1 

Treatment of diabetes relies on a number of therapeutic interventions. A highly prevalent condition requiring treatment with multiple therapies generates a considerable demand for drugs. Diabetes Pipeline: Intense Activity to Meet Unmet Need begins by examining the current major products available for the treatment of diabetes and highlights the segmentation of this large market between oral and injectable treatments. In 2009, only six key players dominated the $29 billion diabetes market. We consider how near-term developments may impact the value of the global diabetes market and how new products may result in the emergence of significant new players.

This report then considers the large number of agents that are currently being developed for the treatment of diabetes, which seek to exploit a highly divergent range of potential targets. Although many of these seek to exploit new targets, a considerable number of new agents in development seek to exploit established approaches for the treatment of diabetes. The vast majority of new agents in development are directed toward the treatment of type II diabetes, with relatively few being developed principally for the treatment of type I diabetes. Almost all of the agents being developed for type I diabetes are novel insulin derivatives or formulations. Discussion of the extensive number of exploratory approaches to the development of new oral hypoglycemic agents is followed by discussion of the novel biological agents under investigation.

Diabetes Pipeline: Intense Activity to Meet Unmet Need then considers the portfolios of companies that are significantly interested in the development of new diabetes therapies. Six are currently major players in the diabetes market: three dominate the insulin market segment and three are the major providers of branded oral antidiabetic products. Those grouped as emerging players are eight major companies with an extensive number of pipeline products, few of which currently market any commercially significant antidiabetic products. The 16 smaller specialist companies have a significant focus on developing novel treatments for metabolic disorders, especially diabetes.

Finally, we consider the impact of agents that are expected to be filed for approval through 2013, first by considering the anticipated FDA filing dates, then by the impact such filings might have on market share within their therapeutic class. The period 2010–2015 should see a number of new agents reach the market, with a steady rate of NDA filings expected between 2010 and 2013. The impact of such developments and the steady uptake of recently approved DPP IV inhibitors and GLP-1 agonists should see the value of the diabetes market grow steadily during the period to 2014 at a compound annual growth rate of 4.7%.

About the Author:
Peter Norman, MBA, PhD, is a pharmaceutical consultant and analyst based in Burnham Beeches, near Windsor, England. He has written and presented widely on various aspects of respiratory disease, drug development, and the analysis of diverse therapeutic markets. Dr. Norman has over 20 years of experience of the pharmaceutical industry in both R&D and competitive intelligence. His publications include many reviews, 16 original scientific papers, and 11 patents, together with a number of management reports.  The latter have been published by a number of companies, including Business Insights, FT Pharmaceuticals, Urch Publications, SMi, Decision Resources, Informa, and Insight Pharma (CHI). Dr. Norman holds science degree from Cambridge University and Brunel University and an MBA degree from the Open University.