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Date Published: 
November 2010

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IPR Bundle

The Antiviral Pipeline: HIV, HCV, and Influenza - Tables and Figures


Author: Leslie A. Pray, PhD 

Figure 1.1. People Living with HIV/AIDS in the United States, 1977–2006
Figure 4.1. A Three-Dimensional Graphical Representation of a Generic Influenza A Virion’s Ultrastructure

TABLESTable 2.1. FDA-Approved Drugs Used in the Treatment of HIV Infection
Table 2.2. Select List of Nucleotide, Nucleoside, and Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors in Development
Table 3.1. Estimated Number of Acute Cases and Total New Infections of HCV in the United States
Table 3.2. Summary of HCV Statistics
Table 3.3. Currently Available Approved Treatments for Chronic Hepatitis C Viral Infections
Table 3.4. Select List of Novel Interferons in Development for the Treatment of HCV
Table 3.5. Select List of HCV Protease Inhibitors in Development
Table 3.6. Select List of HCV Polymerase Inhibitors in Development
Table 3.7. Select List of Combination Direct-Acting HCV Antivirals in Development
Table 4.1. Select List of Influenza Drugs in Development
Table 4.2. Clinical Trials Testing Combination Therapy for Influenza
Table 5.1. Approved Generic Formulations of Antiretroviral Drugs Used in the Treatment of HIV Infection