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Date Published:January 2011

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Advanced Drug Delivery Technologies: Enabling Drug Reformulations and Administration Routes Report - Tables and Figures


Author: Hermann AM Mucke, PhD 

Figure 1.1. Enhancement of Drug Properties vs. Enablement of New Routes and Therapies through Formulation Technology 4
Figure 2.1. Duros System 10
Figure 3.1. Computed Surface-Mass Values for Spheres and Cubes on Micrometer to Nanometer Scale 17
Figure 3.2. Schematic of a Simple Liposome 19
Figure 3.3. Schematic of a Dendrimer and a Dendron 20
Figure 3.4. Schematic Representation of C60 Fullerene 22
Figure 6.1. Schematic of Ablitech’s Versadel Technology 51
Figure 7.1. Microneedle-Assisted Transdermal Drug Delivery System 54

Table 8.1. Drug Delivery-Enabled Product Clinical Development & Approval Times & Success Rates 71