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Length:200 pages

Date Published:May 2011

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Commercializing Biomarkers in Therapeutic and Diagnostic Applications - Tables and Figures


Author: Lucy J. Sannes, MBA, PhD 

FIGUREFigure 1.1. Number of Abstracts Per Year From PubMed Search of “biomarker or biomarkers”  1

TABLESTable 2.1. REMARK (REporting Recommendations for Tumor Marker Prognostic Studies)  10
Table 2.2. Summary of Recommendations for Effective Biomarker Evaluation  13
Table 3.1. Pharmacogenomic Biomarkers in Drug Labels  14
Table 3.2 Potential Serum Markers for Gastric Cancer  28
Table 3.3. Serum and Tissue Markers for Liver Cancer  29
Table 3.4 Useful and Potentially Useful Urine Markers for Bladder Cancer  36
Table 3.5 Currently Available and Potentially Useful Serum Markers for Cervical Cancer  38
Table 3.6. Selected Examples of Common Translocations and Other Genetic Abnormalities Used to Characterize Leukemias  41
Table 3.7. Selected Biochemical Markers Currently Available or Under Study for Clinical Diagnosis, Management, and Risk Stratification of Heart Failure  46
Table 3.8. Laboratory Tests That May Be Used to Evaluate Patients Suspected of Stroke  48
Table 4.1. Selected CRO or Testing Service Provider Agreements With Diagnostic/Biomarker Companies, Including Acquisitions  58
Table 6.1. Pharmaceutical Company Agreements With Diagnostic/Biomarker Companies, Including Acquisitions  86
Table 7.1. Selected Companies Commercializing Biomarkers and/or Systems For Their Detection/Measurement  112