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October 2012


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Therapies for Solid Tumors: Pipelines, Markets, and Business Considerations - Overview


Therapies for Solid Tumors Report CoverAuthor: Lucy J. Sannes, PhD, MBA

As our understanding of cancer has progressed, newer therapies, such as various targeted therapies and immunotherapy, have become an important part of today's cancer treatment regimens. This report focuses on pharmacological therapies–in particular, the pipelines of emerging drugs—for treatment of solid tumors, discussing:

  • The various types of solid tumors that are the focus of the most pharmacological effort, including information about the specific disease, its incidence and epidemiology, current treatment options, and R&D challenges.
  • Pipelines of emerging targeted therapies for treatment of solid tumors, organized by pathway or category.
  • Business and strategic considerations relating to pharmacological therapy for solid tumors, including discussions of the current and projected markets, and market trends.
  • Major challenges and hurdles for companies developing solid tumor therapies.
  • Interviews with experts in the field of solid tumors, which were conducted exclusively for this report.

Cancer is not a single disease, but includes many different diseases that are all characterized by the uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal cells. Within the broad categories of cancer (such as breast or lung cancer), there are many different types. And, even within one type of cancer, the molecular changes that caused the cancer vary with different tumors.

Therapies for Solid Tumors: Pipelines, Markets, and Business Considerations discusses selected major solid tumors that represent the greatest effort by companies developing new therapies for solid tumors. This report begins with an initial focus on pharmacological treatment options currently used for the major solid tumors. While chemotherapy drugs have been used for several decades, more recently, targeted small-molecule drugs and biological therapies including monoclonal antibodies have been introduced. This early chapter discusses all of these therapies.

The major focus of Therapies for Solid Tumors: Pipelines, Markets, and Business Considerations is on pipelines of emerging drugs for treatment of solid tumors. Over 80 therapies that have reached Phase III development are profiled in the body of this report. However, these novel late-stage therapies only represent the "tip of the iceberg" of new therapies being developed for treatment of solid tumors. Information regarding emerging therapies in Phase II or earlier stages of development, plus certain additional Phase III candidates, is presented in tables. More than 530 companies developing more than 1,330 new therapies for solid tumors are included in this report.

Biopharmaceutical companies are exploiting hundreds of potential targets or therapeutic approaches for development of new cancer therapies. The more than 1,330 potential new therapies discussed in this Insight Pharma Report work by a wide range of mechanisms. Many of these emerging cancer therapies have multiple mechanisms of action, and are therefore included in multiple tables within this report.

Therapies for Solid Tumors: Pipelines, Markets, and Business Considerations discusses business strategies relating to development of pharmacological therapies for solid tumors. This includes an analysis of the current market and the potential markets for emerging therapies. Also discussed are major challenges and other tactical considerations for companies working in this space. This Insight Pharma Report concludes with expert interviews with some of these companies.

About the AuthorLucy J. Sannes, PhD, MBA, is president of Sannes & Associates, a consulting firm specializing in evaluation and management of the biosciences. Before forming Sannes & Associates, she held management positions at Genetic Systems and Abbott Laboratories in product development, product support, and technical marketing. Dr. Sannes received her PhD in biological chemistry from the University of Michigan and her MBA from Seattle Pacific University.