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September 2013

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Executive Summary

Executive Summary

This report covers several areas of macrocycles, including current use in pharmaceutical companies, rising technologies, and strategies used in biotechnology companies. The first two chapters cover background material, what macrocycles are, and the pharmacokinetic properties (absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion) they experience. Additionally, challenges including proper plasma concentrations, drug-drug interactions, drug dose administrations, cell permeability, oral bioavailability, and drug absorption design are also mentioned.

Chapters 3-11 detail various companies and their technologies and strategies for studying macrocycles as drug candidates. In addition to researching companies, Insight Pharma Reports has also received the participation of Bicycle Therapeutics, Encycle Therapeutics, Ensemble Therapeutics, Lanthio Pharma, Oncodesign Biotechnology, Pepscan Therapeutics, PeptiDream Inc., Ra Pharmaceuticals, and Tranzyme Pharmaceuticals. Each section includes detailed descriptions of company overviews, technology platforms, benefits, challenges, and competitive advantages. Also exclusive to this report are interviews with these companies, which provide even more insight into their strategies and goals.

To wrap up the report, Chapter 12 covers the benefits of macrocycles,why they are creating such a footprint in the R&D space, areas to improve in, and how they compare to conventional small molecules. Chapter 12 also concludes with a survey done by Insight Pharma Reports which includes over 90 participants. Questions included familiarity with macrocycles, use in research, and challenges encountered. According to the results, macrocycles are actively being studied by a number in industries in a variety of ways; while some people are looking into protein-protein interactions, others are studying binding mode properties and drug-drug interactions. With the diversity this class offers, macrocycles have the potential to be applied to many therapeutic areas.