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Date published 
February 2008

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Dan Miller
Marketing Associate


Epigenetics Tables and Figures


Epigenetics: Technologies, Applications, and the Commercial Landscape

Author: Leslie A. Pray, PhD


Table 1.1. Major Commercial Applications of Epigenetics

Table 1.2. Types of Epigenetic Control Factors and Their Potential Commercial Utility

Table 1-3 Total Sales for FDA-Approved Epigenetic Therapeutics Already on the Market

Table 1.4. Diseases With Epigenetic Etiologies: A Growing List

Table 2.1. Select List of Epigenetic Diagnostics in Development

Table 2.2. Ways to Analyze DNA Methylation

Table 2.3. Clinical Applications of DNA Methylation Biomarkers

Table 4.1. Future Market Growth: Diagnostics, Therapeutics, and Research Tools

Table 4.2. 10 Recent Major Business Transactions in the Emerging Epigenetic Sector of the Life Sciences Industry


Figure 4.1. The Rising Popularity of Epigenetics in the Scientific World

Figure 4.2. SWOT Analysis: Epigenetic Diagnostics

Figure 4.3. SWOT Analysis: Epigenetic Therapeutics

Figure 1A. Types of Organizations

Figure 2A. Titles of Respondents

Figure 3A. Responsibilities: Basic Science to Regulator

Figure 4A. Length of Time in Epigenetics

Figure 5A. Depth of Epigenetics Research

Figure 6A. Plans for Expansion

Figure 7A. Epigenetic Biomarker Discovery and Development

Figure 8A. Diagnostic and Therapeutic Categories

Figure 9A. Primary Focus of Research

Figure 10A. Primary Application of Epigenetic Profiling

Figure 11A. Growing Interest and Investment

Figure 12A. Gold Standard for DNA Methylation

Figure 13A. High-Throughput Technologies

Figure 14A. No Research Technology of Choice for Now

Figure 15A. No Clinical Technology of Choice

Figure 16A. Epigenetics Market Growth Projections

Figure 17A. Potential Commercial Availability of Epigenetic Products

Figure 18A. Advances in Diagnostic/Biomarker Development

Figure 19A. Advances in Therapeutics

Figure 20A. Gap or No Gap