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July 2008

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Dan Miller
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Cancer Biomarkers Report Tables and Figures


Cancer Biomarkers: Adoption Is Driving Growth

Author: John Bates, PhD

Figure 1.1. Breast Cancer Biomarker Profile
Figure 3.1. Classification of Cancer Biomarkers by Type
Figure 3.2. Classification of Cancer Biomarkers by Cancer
Figure 4.1. Biomarker Patent Filings According to Indication
Figure 4.2. Biomarker Patent Filings According to Type of Cancer
Figure 6.1. Respondents by Sector
Figure 6.2. Respondents by Position
Figure 6.3. Respondents by Stage of Work
Figure 6.4. Respondents by Area of Work
Figure 6.5. Types of Biomarkers Studied
Figure 6.6. Views on Collaborative Biomarker Development
Figure 6.7. Experience with Novel Cancer Biomarkers
Figure 6.8. Means by Which Cancer Biomarker Discovery or Development Is Done
Figure 6.9. Technologies Used to Discover Cancer Biomarkers
Figure 6.10. Focus of Biomarker Work
Figure 6.11. Types of Organizations Involved with Cancer Diagnostics/Biomarker Development
Figure 6.12. Reasons for Organizations’ Lack of Involvement with Cancer Biomarkers
Figure 6.13. 2008 Budget for Cancer Biomarkers
Figure 6.14. Areas of Cancer Biomarker Development

Table 1.1. Current and Potential Applications of Breast Cancer Biomarkers
Table 1.2. Examples of the Functional Classification of Cancer Biomarkers
Table 3.1. Lung Cancer Biomarkers
Table 3.2. Colorectal Cancer Biomarkers
Table 3.3. Prostate Cancer Biomarkers
Table 3.4. Breast Cancer Biomarkers
Table 3.5. Ovarian Cancer Biomarkers
Table 3.6. Pancreatic Cancer Biomarkers
Table 3.7. Liver Cancer Biomarkers
Table 3.8. Other Cancer Biomarkers
Table 3.9. Potential and Future Applications of Cancer Biomarkers
Table 4.1. Organizations Involved in the Development and/or Commercialization of Cancer Biomarkers
Table 4.2. Prominent Organizations Involved in the Study and/or Commercialization of Cancer Biomarkers