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September 2008

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Dan Miller
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Obesity Drug Pipeline Report Tables and Figures


Obesity Drug Pipeline: Developing Therapies for a Complex Disease

Author: Allan B. Haberman, PhD


Table 1.1. Conditions that Make Up the Metabolic Syndrome
Table 1.2. Drugs Recommended in the ACP Guidelines for Potential Use in Treating Obesity
Table 4.1. Notable Failed Obesity Drugs in the 1990s/2000s
Table 5.1. Obesity Drugs in Phase III Development
Table 5.2. Select Obesity Drugs in Phase II Development

Figure 1.1. Suggested Scheme for Management of Obesity
Figure 2.1. Regulatory Pathways of Energy Balance
Figure 7.1. Respondents by Type of Organization
Figure 7.2. Involvement in Obesity Drug R&D
Figure 7.3. Stage of Obesity Drug Development
Figure 7.4. Aspects of Obesity Addressed by Discovery Research and Drug Candidates
Figure 7.5. Bottlenecks to Development of Successful Obesity Drugs
Figure 7.6. Reimbursement for Obesity Drugs