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December 2008

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Dan Miller
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Biomedical Imaging: From Drug Target Discovery to Medical Diagnostics Tables and Figures


Author: Hermann A.M. Mucke, PhD

Table 2.1. Vendors of Small Animal CT, MRI, PET, and SPECT Equipment and Their Microtomographic Products
Table 2.2. Vendors of Small Animal CT, MRI, PET, and SPECT Equipment and Their Products for Optical Imaging
Table 3.1. US Market Data and Projections for PET Procedures and Equipment

Figure 1.1. Principle of Tomographic Imaging
Figure 1.2. Principle of Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Figure 1.3. Principle of Positron Emission Detectable by Tomography
Figure 1.4. Schematic Representation of the Confocal Microscopy Principle
Figure 1.5. Schematic Representation of the IMS Principle
Figure 2.1. Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) Principle
Figure 2.2. FLEX Triumph: An Example of a CT/PET/SPECT Multimodal Small Animal Scanner

Figure 1A. Definition of Molecular Imaging
Figure 2A. Response by Sector
Figure 3A. Response by Title
Figure 4A. Experience with Molecular Imaging
Figure 5A. Number of Molecular Imaging Procedures Conducted
Figure 6A. Molecular Imaging Studies for Drug/Imaging Agent Development
Figure 7A. Stage of Drug Development at which Molecular Imaging Studies Are Conducted
Figure 8A. Molecular Imaging Data Integration into Regulatory Submissions
Figure 9A. Biological Systems Targeted
Figure 10A. Molecular Imaging Techniques Used
Figure 11A. Purposes for Use of Molecular Imaging Techniques
Figure 12A. Potential for Molecular Imaging
Figure 13A. Rate-Limiting Technical Factor of Molecular Imaging
Figure 14A. Rate-Limiting External Factor in the Commercialization of Molecular Imaging