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Date published March 2009

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Direct-To-Consumer Genetic Testing: Business Prospects in the United States Tables and Figures


Author: Kathie Wrick, PhD, RD

Figure 2.1. Direct-To-Consumer Genetic Testing: Challenging Traditional Business Models
Figure 2.2. U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Organizational Chart
Figure 4.1. The Health Managment ModelTM

Table 1.1. Myriad Genetics: Genetic Testing Launch Timeline
Table 1.2. Current Applications of Genetic Testing in Medicine
Table 2.1. DTC Genetic Testing Companies In Receipt of Advisory Letters from the NY State Department of Health
Table 2.2. California Issues Cease-and-Desist Orders to 13 DTC Genetic Testing Companies in June 2008
Table 3.1. Genetic Testing and the Internet Foster a „Distribution Revolution“
Table 3.2. Companies Selling Genetic Tests Directly to Consumers Identified Online (as of February 2009)
Table 3.3. National Society of Genetic Counselors’ Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing Recommendations
Table 3.4. American College of Medical Genetics’ Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing Guidelines
Table 5.1. Representative Next-Generation Sequencing Companies