Length 134 pages

Date published June 2009

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Bioinformatics and Computational Biology: Bottlenecks and Options Tables and Figures


Author: K. John Morrow, Jr., PhD


Figure 1.1. Image of Cells and Connections Within the Neocortex Microcircuitry
Figure 1.2. Stanislaw Ulam at work.
Figure 1.3. The Reverend Thomas Bayes. 
Figure 2.1. Image showing a microarray experiment.
Figure 3.1. Mapping of SNPs in an idealized section of a chromosome
Figure 3.2 Outline of the Immune System
Figure 3.3. Genome-wide integrative analysis to identify pathways disrupted in cancer.
Figure 3.4. Genomic changes associated with clonal progression of bladder cancer


Table 1.1. Biological Disciplines Using Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Showing Examples of Applications
Table 2.1. Companies Offering Mass Spectrometry Devices and Equipment
Table 2.2. Sample Prep Technology for Mass Spectrometry
Table 2.3. Essential Tools for Bioimaging Technologies
Table 2.4. Major Companies with DNA Sequencing Technologies
Table 2.5. Research Opportunities and Forecast
Table 3.1. Companies Providing Consumer-Oriented DNA Analysis through Databases
Table 3.2. NCBI Databases
Table 3.3. Programs in Systems Biology
Table 3.4. List of Publicly-Available Databases
Table 3.5. Some Companies Pursuing Biomarker Technologies
Table 3.6. Options for High-throughput Screening Assays
Table 3.7. In Silico Systems for Toxicity Prediction
Table 3.8. Some Companies Pursuing In Silico Drug Modeling