Length 114 pages

Date published July 2009

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Data Mining in Drug Development and Translational Medicine Tables and Figures


Author: Hermann Mucke, PhD


The Knowledge Extraction Pyramid
Development of Searches in the PubMed Internet Database, 1997–2007
The Data Warehouse as a Hub in Translational Drug Research and Development
Visualization of a Mining Query of the PubMed Literature Database
Visualization of a Data Mining Result Using the Landscape Map Approach
The Decision Tree for the Study by Ebbels et al.
Representation of a Typical Clinical Data Mining Workflow
Individual Case Safety Report (ICSR) Submissions to the EudraVigilance Clinical Trial Module (EVCTM) From Inception to January 2007
The Data Integration Challenge in Clinical Data Mining
Workflow Schematic for the Data Mining System Described by Cao et al.
Vaccine Trials Activity Relative to Cancer Prevalence and Survival
Reports Received (Solid Bars) and Entered (Patterned Bars) Into the AERS Database by Type of Report, 2000–2009 (Q1)
Data Processing for Safety Signal Detection in the WHO VigiBase System
Adverse Event Reports for Oseltamivir vs. Unexpectedness, 1997–Q1/2008
Specific Symptoms In Influenza Patients Treated with Oseltamivir for Whom “Abnormal Behavior” Had Been Reported
Screenshot of an Analysis with Cambridge Cell Networks' ToxWiz Software
TIBCO Spotfire DecisionSite Software for Preclinical Research
A Window from the TIBCO Spotfire Clinical Trials Analysis Software