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June 2014 

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Dan Miller
Marketing Associate


IPR Bundle

Antibiotic Renaissance:Technology and Market Advances in the War Against Drug-Resistant Bacteria - Tables and Figures

Exhibit 2.1 Time between antibiotic discovery and appearance of resistance
Exhibit 2.2 FDA approvals of antibiotics during five year periods from 1983 to 2012
Exhibit 3.1 Diagnostic research programs
Exhibit 3.2 Selected therapeutic research programs
Exhibit 4.1 Molecular diagnostic tests for antibiotic resistance genes
Exhibit 4.2 Culture-based diagnostic tests for antibiotic sensitivity
Exhibit 4.3 Therapeutic programs and products
Exhibit 5.1 Selected diagnostic deals relevant to antibiotic resistance
Exhibit 5.2 Selected therapeutic deals relevant to antibiotic resistance
Exhibit 5.3 Type of organization where respondents work
Exhibit 5.4 Answers to query further specifying employer type
Exhibit 5.5 Respondents’ position in their organization
Exhibit 5.6 Subject of respondents’ work
Exhibit 5.7 Subject of respondents’ work, drug discovery
Exhibit 5.8 Subject of respondents’ work, academic
Exhibit 5.9 Respondents’ expectation of trend in antibiotic resistance activities in their organization during the next two years
Exhibit 5.10 Nature of antimicrobial compounds in R&D, all responses
Exhibit 5.11 Nature of antimicrobial compounds in R&D, commercial drug discovery
Exhibit 5.12 Nature of antimicrobial compounds in R&D, academic
Exhibit 5.13 Organizations’ involvement in R&D/commercialization of various types of diagnostic products relevant to antibiotic resistance
Exhibit 5.14 Respondents’ opinion on adequacy of funding levels in support of academic new therapeutic or diagnostic approaches to antibiotic resistance
Exhibit 5.15 Rate the following statements on a scale of 1 to 10