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December 2008

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Biomedical Imaging: From Drug Target Discovery to Medical Diagnostics Survey Questions


Author: Hermann A.M. Mucke, PhD

1. What definition of molecular imaging do you personally prefer?

2. Where do you work?

3. Please state your professional position.

4. Do you personally conduct molecular imaging studies?

5. On average, how many molecular imaging procedures do you conduct annually?

6. Are any of these molecular imaging studies performed for purposes of developing a drug or imaging agent (or MI probe/tracer)?

7. In what stage of drug development or imaging/MI probe development are these molecular imaging studies conducted?

8. Have you been involved in preparing molecular imaging data for integration into regulatory submissions?

9. What biological systems are targeted by molecular imaging techniques used in your department?

10. What molecular imaging techniques are used in your department?

11. For what purpose are the techniques as per Figure 10A performed?

12. The number of scientific papers published on molecular imaging is increasing almost exponentially. Where do you think molecular imaging as a whole has arrived in its development? 

13. What do you believe to be the rate-limiting TECHNICAL factor in the continuing development of molecular imaging? 

14. What do you believe to be the overall rate-limiting EXTERNAL factor in the commercialization of molecular imaging?