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Date Published:October 2010 

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RNAi Therapeutics: Second-Generation Candidates Build Momentum Report - Tables and Figures


Author: Allan Haberman, PhD

Table 1-1: Leading Reasons for Big Pharmas’ Interest in RNAi-based Therapeutics  
Table 3-1: RNAi Drugs in Clinical Development  
Table 4-1: Delivery Vehicles Being Developed by Leading RNAi Therapeutics Companies for Systemic Administration 
Table 5-1: Alnylam’s Strategic Alliances with Major Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies  
Table 5-2: Selected Leading Therapeutic RNAi Specialty Companies Discussed in Chapter 5 
Table 6-1: Regulus’ Therapeutic Pipeline 
Table 6-2: Selected Leading Therapeutic miRNA Specialty Companies Discussed inChapter 6 

Figure 2.1. A Simplified Diagram of the RNAi Pathway 
Figure 2.2. The miRNA Pathway 
Figure 4.1. The Stable Nucleic Acid Lipid Particle (SNALP) 
Figure 4.2. The Silence Therapeutics PolyTran Delivery Vehicle 
Figure 6.1. Locked Nucleic Acid Monomer