Picture of Ambitions in Health: Tech companies step up the pace

Ambitions in Health: Tech companies step up the pace

March 2018


As investment $$$ pour into digital health projects, the scope and scale of tech giants' ambitions in health become ever clearer. From drug discovery and clinical research to patient monitoring and disease management, tech giants are leveraging the latest advances in artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, analytics and wearable technology to drive innovation and disrupt processes. How can pharma respond and what strengths does it have that tech companies need?

This expert report draws on the insights of 15 digital health experts in pharma, consulting and tech companies to give a unique and comprehensive analysis of the current and future digital health landscape and the role tech companies will play.

Discover on this page…

  • Why this report is important to you
  • What the report will enable you to do
  • Full Report Contents

Why this report is important to you

Global technology giants are the most valuable companies on the Standard and Poor's 500 Index, and they are making big bets in healthcare. These companies' technologies and consumer expertise are poised to transform an industry ripe for disruption through telemedicine, data mobility, cloud computing, wearables, artificial intelligence, big data and the empowered consumer/patient. In contrast to the fast moving digital sector, the risk adverse and heavily regulated pharma industry is looking out of time and place. Can pharma change its slow, legacy culture; adopt new technologies for efficiency; work collaboratively across silos, and attract the best talent? Pharma needs to collaborate with tech companies as much as tech companies need pharma's unique set of skills. There are opportunities a plenty for those companies wishing to embrace change.


With focus on…

  • Apple
  • Alphabet/Google/Verily
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Facebook
  • IBM
  • Samsung

This report will enable you to…

  • Understand the drivers of tech giant expansion into health and identify where their interests lay
  • Know what digital technologies will most benefit pharma, and why
  • Appreciate how demanding tech savvy patients are changing the healthcare landscape
  • Play to your drug development, regulatory, production, marketing and market access strengths when partnering with tech companies
  • Compete effectively with tech companies for digital, analytical and AI talent
  • Challenge and replace slow moving siloed corporate structures that are not fit for purpose in a digital world
  • Know where digital health is most likely to disrupt pharma's operations and respond with progressive strategies

Report Contents

Executive summary

Research objectives and methodology

Experts interviewed

The digital transformation of health

  • Key insights
  • Digital health trends and funding
  • Tech giants lead the global economy, making big bets in healthcare
    • What is driving technology giants' expansion into digital health and life sciences?
    • What digital health areas are being targeted by tech giants?
    • Are big tech companies vying for the same opportunities?
    • Is any tech company poised to become a dominant force in digital health?
  • Tech giants' activities in healthcare and life sciences
    • Apple
    • Alphabet/Google/Verily
    • Amazon
    • Microsoft
    • Facebook
    • IBM
    • Samsung
    • Who are the tech companies' healthcare customers?
  • Consumers in the digital health transformation
    • Consumer trust in tech companies
    • Digitally-savvy millennials moving up the ranks of healthcare
    • Engaging an ageing population in digital health
    • Tech-enabled consumers reordering the healthcare landscape
    • The evolving role of the patient

Tech giants changing the healthcare landscape

  • Key insights
    • How are tech giants changing the healthcare landscape?
    • How might these changes affect key healthcare stakeholders?
    • Opportunities for pharma in a health landscape driven by tech company innovation
    • Are tech giants looking to advance their own initiatives or form partnerships?
    • Partnering for success
    • What threats does a bigger tech presence in healthcare pose for the pharma industry?
    • In what areas are tech companies at a disadvantage in digital health?
    • What's holding pharma back in the digital health transformation?
  • Regulatory and policy changes
    • Regulatory challenges tech companies face
    • FDA PreCert pilot programme for software developers
    • What is the reaction to the FDA PreCert programme?

Talent trends: competing in science and technology

Key insights

Tech giant hiring trends

  • Alphabet/Google
    • Apple
    • Amazon
    • Microsoft
    • Facebook
    • Oracle
  • Pharma competing for digital, analytical and AI talent

The future

  • Key Insights
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the future of drug discovery
    • Understanding AI and its subsectors
    • Tech giants' AI leaders remain tied to academia
    • Future opportunities for AI-led technologies in healthcare and pharma
    • Competing with tech giants for AI technology

The next five years

  • How will tech companies change the delivery of healthcare?
  • Where is the future value for pharma in partnering with tech companies?
  • Closing thoughts