Picture of Antibody Drug Conjugate Insight: Pipeline Assessment, Technology Trend, and Competitive Landscape, 2016

Antibody Drug Conjugate Insight: Pipeline Assessment, Technology Trend, and Competitive Landscape, 2016

May 2016


This Report, “Antibody Drug Conjugate Insight: Pipeline Assessment, Technology Trend, and Competitive Landscape, 2016 report provides the information across the ADCs drug value chain. The Report is focused on the marketed and pipeline scenario of the ADCs. The Report has covered the 184 Antibody-drug conjugates profile which gives core information of the targets, mechanism of action, development partner, Technology partner. Antibody Drug Conjugate has covered the three basic component such as monoclonal antibody used, linker used and cytotoxic drugs. The Report also provides the assessment of the company’s undergone collaborations for technology and monoclonal antibody and also gives insights over the pre-clinical and clinical data. The Report has also assessed the ADCs on geographical distribution based on the country and region.

There are 5 drugs in pipeline which is in Phase III stage of development. Major Innovations like Antibody Drug-Conjugate (ADCs) have brought the transformative therapy options to billion of patients worldwide. There are 177 pipeline drugs focusing in oncology area followed by immunology. The report covers detailed information of marketed drugs. Seattle Genetics’s Brentuximab vedotin and Roche’s trastuzumab emtansine are the only ADCs approved which have together made USD 981 millions sales in 2014. At the same time pipeline of ADCs is very rich with 184 ADCs in pipeline.

Report Highlights:

-A snapshot of the global Antibody-Drug Conjugate market scenario, market trends & drivers, manacles of Antibody-Drug Conjugate.
-A review of the marketed Antibody-Drug Conjugate products and marketing status
-Coverage of global antibody-drug conjugate therapies under development across the globe covering territories
-Competitive landscape of investigational products for key players and key therapy areas.
-The Antibody-Drug Conjugate report covers the product description, stage of development, licensors & collaborators, Development partner and Technology information
-The Report also provides the pre-clinical and clinical outcomes of the therapies
-The Report has covered the targets and detailed mechanism of action
-Report has highlighted the licensing opportunities and funding details for therapies
-The report also gives the information of dormant and discontinued pipeline projects

Reasons to Buy

-Complete Market and Pipeline intelligence and complete understanding over therapeutics development for Antibody-Drug Conjugate
-Devise corrective measures for pipeline projects by understanding Therapy area specific therapies
-Developing strategic initiatives to support your Antibody-Drug Conjugate development activities.
-Optimize your portfolio and keep you in touch with the rapidly changing pharmaceutical markets, and make the best decisions for your business.
-Develop and design in licensing and out licensing strategies by identifying prospective partners with the most attractive projects to enhance and expand business potential and scope
-Evaluate the marketing and pipeline strategy for antibody-drug conjugate therapies and their funding details.
-Identifying the upcoming leaders in the Antibody-Drug Conjugate market in the coming years.