Picture of Competitor Analysis: Biosimilar and Biosuperior Anti-TNF Antibodies - 2016 Update

Competitor Analysis: Biosimilar and Biosuperior Anti-TNF Antibodies - 2016 Update

June 2016


Humira, Enbrel and Remicade were the three best selling blockbuster biologics in the year 2015. Together with Simponi and Cimzia, combined sales of all five anti-TNF antibodies in the year 2015 were US$ 36 bln (+3.9% vs previous year), ahead of combined sales of all cancer antibodies. Marketing of biosimilar versions of Remicade and Enbrel in Europe has commenced and first sales data indicate that originator and biosimilar anti-TNF antibodies compete for new patients, rather than switching during ongoing treatment.


While the commercial impact of biosimilar anti-TNF antibodies in the year 2015 still was controlled, sales data of the first quarter of 2016 show a 30% loss of Remicade sales in Europe (about US$ 150 mln). Thus, an  accelerating impact of biosimilar competition in Europe can be expected. After approval of the first anti-TNF biosimilar antibody by the FDA in the US, market launch could take place by end of 2016. Even AbbVie’s ‘135 patent for Humira is going to be reviewed by the Patent Trial and Appeal Board of the US Patent and Trademark office, which ultimately could lead to accelerated loss of Humira market exclusivity.


More than 20 different biosimilar anti-TNF antibodies are in phase III development according to EU and US guidelines in regulated markets. As a consequence, the first companies with limited resources are reconsidering their priorities and are evaluating other options.


This Competitive Intelligence report about Biosimilar and Biosuperior Anti-TNF Antibodies – 2016 Update provides a competitor evaluation in the field of recombinant antibodies targeting tumor necrosis factor (TNF) alpha used to treat inflammatory and autoimmune diseases as of May 201. Purchase of the downloadable pdf report includes a 6-month online access to the data of the report and any updates since the publication date. Credentials to access the database will be sent by e-mail and allow online work with the project data to print or export an individual report.


The report includes a compilation of currently active R&D projects of TNF targeting antibodies for treatment of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. In addition, the report lists company-specific R&D pipelines of TNF antibodies. Competitor projects are listed in a tabular format providing information on:



    • Drug Codes,


    • Target / Mechanism of Action,


    • Class of Compound,


    • Company


    • Product Category,


    • Indication,


    • R&D Stage and


    • additional comments with a hyperlink leading to the source of information.



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