Picture of Genetic Testing Market: By Type of Testing

Genetic Testing Market: By Type of Testing

October 2016

A genetic test is used to determine the DNA sequence of a certain region of the human genome. This region might be a whole gene or a share of a gene, or other areas thought to regulate genes. The test will look for certain changes in the sequence that is known to have consequences on the function of a gene. Mostly genetic tests are performed on a DNA sample, because every tissue in the body is composed of cells that contain DNA. However, blood is the most common source because it can easily be acquired in huge quantities; typically 5-10 ml is taken for a test. Some laboratories allow cheek cells to be collected for genetic testing. 

After the DNA sample is acquired from a blood or other tissues, a variety of different approaches can be used to look for mutations in your genes. The method used changes with the size of the gene and the kind of mutations that are typically found in that gene. Sometimes the whole coding sequence of the gene is examined. Other times, methods are used that only look for the most common mutations. This latter approach is often taken if the gene’s role in disease is mostly due to only a small number of known mutations. Some laboratories may use a combination of these methods by first filtering for common mutations and then, in certain situations, examining the whole coding sequence of the gene.

The Genetic testing is done by taking different test samples from body like hair, blood, saliva, tumours etc. Genetic testing is also done for some type of diseases like colon cancer, iron overload disease. The global market for genetic testing was estimated to be $XX billion in 2015and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of XX% to reach $XX billion by 2021. Laboratories, hospitals, blood banks are the major end-users for genetic testing. 

Genetic Testing Market

The above figure depicts that Americas is leading in the genetic testing market globally in terms of revenue in 2015. The growth in this Americas is led by the development of new and advanced tests as well as increased demand for testing services in an evolving healthcare community focused on disease protection, detection and prevention. Europe and Asia-Pacific region stands next to Americas in the genetic testing market.
The major players in the Genetic Testing Market include:
  • Ranomics
  • Applied Biosystems, Inc.
  • Genentech, Inc.
  • Eastern Biotech
  • Sorenson Genomics, LLC