Picture of Measuring Marketing Channel Effectiveness

Measuring Marketing Channel Effectiveness

November 2016

Realising ROI from Multichannel Marketing: new report reveals keys to success 


Multichannel marketing (MCM) certainly isn’t new for pharma marketers – so why is internal commitment and ongoing investment so difficult to agree? A plethora of channels, target segments and technological challenges all add complexity and hamper decision-making clarity. This new report delves below the surface to uncover exactly how MCM can be measured effectively and how ROI goals can be achieved.
Measuring Marketing Channel Effectiveness: Improving the ROI of Multichannel Marketing makes compelling reading as it reveals insights and the successful strategies used by 13 pharmaceutical marketing experts. Based on in-depth interviews as well as secondary research, readers will find out what goes wrong and why – as well as the key factors and activities that determine success.


Top Takeaways and Key Questions:


ROI monitoring and evaluation tools are a ‘must’: How can CRM, CMS and business intelligence investment be justified? What specific ROI measures and insights do they enable?
Measuring MCM ROI is broader than previously believed: Which quantitative and qualitative metrics are the most powerful when measuring MCM effectiveness? When should they be used and how often?
Focus remains on an individualised customer experience: How important is customer engagement when assessing the complete picture? Can MCM measures be customised sufficiently to enable enhanced monitoring and ROI?
Some pharma companies are gaining ground: Who is using digital channels successfully; what do they do well? Which strategies are showing most promise? What is the single ‘make or break’ factor when embracing MCM?
Traditional marketing skills are not enough: Digital marketing plays a crucial role in successful MCM strategies. What experience is needed? Can existing staff be trained or is ‘new blood’ a necessity?


Experts Interviewed for This Report 


Kamil Levent Arslan: Former Sales & Stakeholder Relations Director at Janssen, Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson
Bill Cooney: CEO, MedPoint Digital Inc.
John Gerow: Service Team Strategy Partner, Ashfield and Principle at JG Consulting Inc.
Lanre Ibitoye: Director, Head of Digital Experience at Teva Specialty Pharma
David Laws: Thought Leader and Customer Advocate, Global Partners
Danilo Pagano: Customer Engagement & Multichannel Director, Merck Sharp & Dohme (Merck & Co.)
Panos Papakonstantinou: Head Digital Commercial, Europe at Novartis
Sarah Rickwood: Vice President, European Thought Leadership, IMS Health
Tim Ringrose: CEO, M3 EU Ltd
Pierre van Weperen: Diabetes Sales Director UK at Novo Nordisk
Donna Wray: Vice President, Digital & Multichannel Marketing, TGaS Advisors
Kyriakos Zannikos: Former Global Head of Multichannel Management, Abbott EPD (later acquired by Mylan)
Anonymous: Head of Digital at a large pharma company