Picture of Medical Science Liaisons in Oncology (2016)

Medical Science Liaisons in Oncology (2016)

October 2016


Biopharmaceutical research companies efforts to bring new, more effective treatments to market represent the world’s best hopes to provide oncologists with the drugs needed to give cancer patients longer, healthier lives and reduce the burden of the disease on society. To garner awareness, interest, and trial for any of oncological medications in development in the highly competitive US cancer drug market, biopharmaceutical manufacturers must develop sales/ information strategies that best serve oncologists’ needs. 

These strategies will certainly employ Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) in addition to traditional sales representatives. ISR’s Medical Science Liaison in Oncology offers insights into how oncologists engage with 20 biopharmaceutical manufacturer’s MSLs. This report contains critical knowledge on how manufacturers can best engage oncologists in a drug’s story.

How you can use this report 
- Understand how US oncologists want to be engaged 
- Learn which sales and marketing mix matches with what oncologists expect 
- Discover the traits of the best MSLs, and which biopharmaceutical firms field MSLs exceed or fail to meet oncologists’ expectations 
- Uncover what type of interactions oncologists view as appropriate and effective boundaries not to cross when engaging with an oncologist. 
- Pinpoint the information oncologists find most valuable and the best sales channels for delivering specific types of data/ informatio