Picture of Molecular Biomarkers for Cancer Detection and Management

Molecular Biomarkers for Cancer Detection and Management

July 2013
Insight Pharma Reports


Molecular Biomarkers for Cancer Detection and Management: Overview


Available from Insight Pharma Reports is Molecular Biomarkers for Cancer Detection and Management: Technologies, Markets, and Trends. This report focuses on recent progress and new directions in this highly dynamic diagnostic field. Covering extensive background and history, commercialization, and marketing trends of cancer biomarker technologies, this report provides heavy detail of historical and evolutionary aspects of cancer biomarkers, delineating some of the difficulties researchers face in validating and commercializing their candidate assays.

Significant highlights of the report include:

  • Basic research conducted in both academic and commercial settings divided into three segments: disease detection, prognosis, and companion diagnostics.  
  • 42 detailed descriptions of companies (including GenomeDx Biosciences, Genomic Health, Life Technologies, Foundation Medicine, Roche Molecular Systems, and many more!).
  • Commercial activity in the three foregoing sectors, and the perspective of market dynamics.
  • Focuses on trends and conclusions.
  • Data depicted across 15 tables and figures.

Following company descriptions and commercial applications are transcribed interviews of five individuals who are highly knowledgeable in the field, including:

  • Genome Diagnostics
  • Billings Clinic
  • Scientia Advisors
  • Cynvenio Biosystems
  • Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Also provided in the report are survey results of 107 individuals who actively work in the cancer biomarker space. Results are depicted across 9 tables.